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Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Makeup Stash Part One

There are so many things to show you in my makeup stash that I had to break this into two posts. This is mostly all stuff I bought before I got into nail polish.  I have added a few things lately and when I get into the individual posts on makeup looks etc, I will show you those at that time.

This post is strictly a down and dirty look into my other obsession.  You will also note, that just like nail polish, the makeup I buy is high end. Apparently, I have an adversity to drugstore brands. HAHA! You will see that I have in fact bought a couple of drugstore things lately though.

Since this is such a heavy photo post, I'm just going to get started.

This is where I store all my makeup.  This was my parents' and now it's my makeup table.  The drawers are deep and can hold a ton.  It looks small, but wait and see just how much I can stuff into them.

We will start with the left side and work from there.

See the tupperware type of bins I use are stackable.  I can get two-three bins deep in these desk drawers. These are some random eyeshadow palettes.  I actually went through all these bins and straightened them up for this post and my return to using makeup.

This is a butt ton of Bare Minerals eyeshadows.  Yeah I used to be so addicted to that brand. Know this is at least three layers deep of these little pots. Oh and PS at one time, I gave a brown lunch bag full to my hairdresser.

These are the brushes that I'm using at the time.  It is NOT my complete stash.  Trust I have tons more, just saving for new or when one of these wears out.

These are more compacts/palettes and fluffy brushes.

These are Bare Minerals blushes, mixed with other blushes.  I've yet to find my perfect shade of blush.  It's my current quest. Although I haven't bought any yet.

This is my eyeliner bin.  Pencils and liner pots.

All lot in this bin is new. This is my base bin.  Contouring, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow base etc.  I will go into this bin way more in depth in a future post.

The holy grail drawer.  Nothing but my naked palettes! You bet I needed the lastest Smoky one! These will be explored in a future post as well.

Well that's it for part one.  This is just the LEFT side of my desk.  Stay tuned for the right side next post.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?