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Friday, July 10, 2015

Enchanted Polish Paint It Black, Festival

So I've officially used up all my gigabytes on my data plan for this month.  I had to up the amount from 10 to 15gb per month.  I did some research, asked my group some questions and it seems that those YouTube videos use up a butt load of data.  Who knew??? Like 1-2gb an hour amount.

You see, where I live, I don't have wi-fi.  If I did, I wouldn't have this problem.  But at the moment, I still live in the woods.  The most I can afford to go up to is 20gb per month.  Anything more than that and I'll need a second job.  I'll just have to be more in tune with how much I'm watching and keep track of the data usage.

I've decided I want to try and do my makeup differently than I do now.  I told you that I usually just slap the crap on and am done, but watching these makeup tutorials, it really takes just a few more minutes of time to look that much better.  I need a pick me up and I think cutting my hair off again, which I shall be doing shortly, and doing a better makeup job will do the trick.

I told you that Stupid quit her job, but I still am unsure of what day is to be her last.  As I write this, tomorrow is Monday and I've already told my other coworkers that I refuse to buy her lunch, sign a card or any of that crap on her last day and to not even ask me.  Harsh I know, but it's how I feel and I ain't gonna pretend on her last day that I think she's awesome and how sad I will be to have her leave.

I'm not built like that.  I'm a straight shooter.  Don't ask me something if you don't want to hear the answer. You either like me or you don't.  I'm OK with that.  I'm the one who says the things others are too polite to say.

At least you know where I stand.

Now, I was feeling like a black void, so that will explain today's mani.

Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is Enchanted Polish Paint It Black and the new Festival I just got.  Man, I wish the sun would come out as I have a screaming loud yellow holo I'm dying to wear and a bright orange one that EP just put out.  I may have to just rely on flash and wear it anyway.

Like I said, I was feeling black and miserable.

Outdoor Sun

Outdoor Sun
You have got to love a shiny black polish like this! I took this outside in the sun just to see the shine.
Let's just stare for a moment...................

Next I taped off a part of my nail, added Festival, which is a microgitterfest and studs.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
This came out cooler than I thought.  I am digging this Festival with all its different sparkle colors. So Pretty!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?