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Friday, July 24, 2015

Monday's Look

It happened.  I was asked to participate in Stupid's farewell lunch.  I politely declined, using the excuse that I had a clinic to do at that time.  I was then given a card to sign.  I waited until that coworker had left the room and slid the unsigned card back onto her desk.

The next day, Stupid's last day, I was asked if I wanted to sign the card again.  This time, I looked at my coworker and simply said, 'no thank you.'

Now for the past 3.5 years this coworker has been covering for Stupid, doing her work etc.  On her last day can you guess what happened? Stupid came, cleaned out her desk and disappeared.  I was in clinic, so I missed all this.  I was told that my coworker started crying as she was hoping that on the last day, Stupid would at least help with the work load.

There was a lot of crying that day.  That's for another post.

I don't know if someone said something to Stupid, but apparently, she came back and eventually did help a little.  It turns out I was done with my clinic and at my desk with my back turned on the "last supper".  Did I feel bad? Did I even give a sh*t?

Nope. Not one bit.  May I rot in Hell? Perhaps.  I'm ok with that.

Now, my plan for these makeup looks was to do one of those face charts like they do at MAC.  I made some photocopies, but am having a hard time working up the motivation, plus I'm not sure anyone out there is happy with my change in topics lately.

I'm ok with that too. I need to do something different for the moment.

This was my eye look for Monday.

There are a ton of steps to putting on a real made up face.  I will do those steps in another post.

This was a mixture of browns. MAC Uninterrupted for the base color, Then Combust, Whiskey and Black Market from the new Naked Smoky Palette.

What I forgot to do was add a pop of a light sparkly shadow on my middle lid.  I forgot that step!

I wore the pink highlighter, and darkest contour shade from the IT Cosmetics palette with my Nars Orgasm blush. I'm still trying to figure out contouring.  I think I figured it out later in the week.  I'll explain then!

I started with my L'Oreal Infallible foundation and all the base steps. Undereye concealer, highlighter, eyeshadow base, powder.  It just goes on and on!

These are the three foundations I've been rotating.  I'll go into more detail in a foundation post.

I finished off with my brows and mascara.

This first time doing this took me a good 35 minutes.  I forgot a couple of steps along the way.  I've had to write them down in order so I don't forget.

I plan on sharing those with you in a later post!

Tell me what you think? Do you have any ideas or topics or particular areas of makeup you want me to talk about?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?