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Monday, July 20, 2015

M2 Skincare

Today's post we will be delving into the skincare world.  Trust that I have tried everything from very high end (La Mer) to the cheapest drugstore brands.  I have always had such awful acne.  In my teens, it was awful.  I had hoped that when I grew up, the acne would stop.

It didn't.  It just changed and got not necessarily worse, but bigger and more ugly.  What I now get is called cystic acne.  The ones that come up from deep within, making these huge bumps that take forever to go away. I have many scars from them and they are painful as well.

I am always looking for the next skin care that is going to make everything all better.  This past January, I discovered a website called Skin Better sponsored by Allure magazine. Now, if you remember, before I started getting NexGen nails, I was going to the facialist and using SkinCeuticals. It was a nice brand, but expensive.

I still got those cystic mountains on my face.  So I explored this website.  You take a picture and upload it to their app and it tells you about your skin.  At that time, it didn't recognize acne, but I did it anyway.

It prompted me to try a brand called M2.  Now the price points on this skincare line is amazing.  Very affordable.  I was intrigued and bought up the set.

This is the cleanser, the serum, moisturizer and eye cream.  The cleanser is $23, the moisturizer is like $35.  So truly affordable in my opinion.

This brand M2 stands for the two natural acids in it.  Malic and Mandelic that are antibacterial as well as exfoliating.  You start with the cleansing.

I apologize for the wonky photos, I'm still trying to figure this all out. Now the cleanser is a gel like liquid and you wash, but before you rinse, you leave it on for 30 seconds.  Gives the acids a chance to do their thing. When I'm wearing makeup, I wash once, rinse then wash again and the second time count the 30 seconds.

Next comes the serum.

This is the MaMa serum.  Only used at night.  One thing I forgot to mention? I HATE many steps in my skin care routine.  I won't do it.  I'm way too lazy.  I want wash, maybe serum then moisturize. That's it. That's why I liked this routine.  In the AM, you just wash and moisturize.  At night, you add this serum before the moisturizing.

Here is the moisturizer.  I love this stuff.  This is about my fourth or fifth jar since January.  It's amazing stuff.

Lastly the eye cream, which if I'm telling you the truth, I don't use.  Again, I'm too lazy and it's too many steps.

The verdict on this set? My skin is amazing.  I still get one or two of those cystic things, but not nearly as many as I was.  So while it's working, it's not totally preventing the acne.

Oh but here's the secret I've learned in all my years of acne and trying out skin care.  You ready?

It doesn't really matter what brand you use, this brand M2 is actually for all skin types.  It's more the routine of doing it twice a day every day.  Before, I never washed my face in the morning, only at night to wash off makeup.  I never washed my face on the weekends, but for Sunday.  Oh and you never sleep on the same pillow case side.  Always sleep on a clean pillow case.  Trust me it helps.

When I started this brand this past January, I made a promise to wash twice a day and do this routine twice a day.  It's been six months and my skin has never looked better.  I've also trained myself with the repetition, that the twice a day thing is now just like brushing your teeth.  Just something you do.

So if you already have a skin care line you love, make sure you are faithful in the twice a day routine and you'll see a difference.  However, give that website a try-you just may find another brand for you, like I did.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?