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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shoes and a File

Oh yeah people. I am in a rare mood today!  I'm going to show you how cool nubbins can be!  I know you think they can't be fabulous but just you wait and see!

To start, we will be visiting a really cool nail file that I have fallen in love with and won't ever give back!  Are you intrigued??  Stay tuned!

First up, the silly bottle shot with a teaser.

This is OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, Elemental Styles Red Queen Astatine, OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know and an ASK nail file.

Before we get to the mani, let's discuss this awesome file.  This is certainly not meant to take off length.  It is meant as a finisher and a sealer of the nail.  I told you that I had a massive break and had to cut all my nails off.  Well it gave me the perfect opportunity to try this file.  First, a picture of the instructions.

Now my huge pet peeve when I file my nails is two fold. One I hate the bits of nail underneath that a regular file just can't get to and I hate the sharpness on the top of the nail.  I used to use a regular file to soften that but no more!  This file does it all.

Now as you can see in the instructions above, the tip is for getting underneath the nail and cleaning up those bits left hanging.  The sides are for sealing and finishing the ends of the nail.

When you flip the file over, you see this part which is for getting rid of the sharpness on top of the nail after filing.  I have to tell you that I am in love with this thing!  It did all those things I have longed for but could never find in a regular nail file.  I will certainly need backups of this baby in my purse, at work etc.

You can buy these in the USA on QVC.com , or international from ASK cosmetics directly.  I know I will be using this file for a long time to come!

Now back to the mani.  I warn you, my nails are nubs!  I started with Gouda and an accent of Wooden Shoe.  Here are those shots.



Aren't these two browns just incredible?  I am totally loving these.  They both have the same gold shimmer that I wish you could see better in these pictures.  Next I stamped with my new Fab Ur Nails FUN1 plate. Then I added a light layer of Red Queen just to add a bit of red shimmer. Then yes I still did my funky with the nubs.  I can't not do my funky!  Here are your results.





Close Up

If you don't know who this is, I pity you!  It's Stan from South Park!  I have asked for Fab Ur Nails to make the rest of the bunch so I can do a whole South Park theme! Wouldn't that be awesome?

You can see the Red Queen red shimmer best in the close up shot on the left nail.  I just wanted a little something sparkly and not over powering.  I think it added just the right touch!

I hope you have enjoyed this two part mani/review.  Hopefully, my nails will grow fast! You need that file in your life-trust me on this!  Especially if you have the same pet peeves as I do!

PS Don't forget-my fave brand of all time, Elevation Polish's store will reopen with new and restock Monday May 7 at 9pm CST!  Make sure you check it out!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?