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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flecked & Froze to Death under an Avalanche

Aren't you just loving my silly post titles lately? I just read that the old Blogger interface is going away and I will be forced to use the new crappy interface.  That's bullsh*t Blogger!  I should be able to stay with the old if I want to!  I hate the new interface.  Did you ask my opinion when you created it?  No?  Then why force me to use something I had no input on? You'll have to take me kicking and screaming!

I guess this is how life is right?  Being forced to do things we'd rather not.  Still sucks just the same.

Today I am showing you my pre birthday mani.  This year my schedule worked out that I had two days off for my birthday this year.  I went shopping the day before, but since I had just bought a new refrigerator, I really didn't have any money this year.  Oh did I forget to tell you that?  Yup, my last standing appliance has died.  So now every single appliance I own is brand new.  Plus a new roof, new car and a new AC unit.  Now you know just how broke I am!

On to the task at hand.  The silly bottle shot.

Damn that's a lot of polish eh?  This is Orly Au Champagne, Elevation Polish Avalanche, Rescue Beauty Lounge Halcyon, Elevation Polish Froze to Death and Finger Paints Flecked.  Now you get the title right?

I started with RBL Halcyon from the new Fan Collection.  Of course I got all four!  This Halcyon is such a gorgeous sage green with metallic pink shimmer.  SWOOOOOOOON. Here are shots of that to start.


I am loving this color!  Next I did a layer of Finger Paints Flecked which is a green flakie. Here is that step.


Nice right?  Subtle, not too busy.  Well hold on to your shorts my friends!  Next I did a layer of Froze to Death, which is a multi shaped white and holo glitter fest.  Here is that step.


Oh the party is just starting!  I next did a layer of Avalanche which is the most awesome holo shimmer, holo glitterfest you will ever see!  It is the glitter for me and that says a lot!  I then topped it off with my funky in Au Champagne.  Here are the final sparkalicious results.




Indoor Sun

Lamp light


Close Up

Oh yeah that's what I'm talking about!  Look at the rainbow of sparkles in this!  And yes that is a buttload of pictures-but how could I not show all these glitters and holo awesomeness?!?  I am in love with Elevation Polish!  Her new colors and restocking will be happening on May 7.  I know I am excited!  You should be too!

What do you think of the new Blogger interface?  Should we plan a revolt?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?