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Friday, May 25, 2012

I got a little pushy...

Hmmmm.  Now that's one intriguing post title isn't it?  I bet you guys are thinking I'm about to tell a story about me being a hard ass and getting in someone's face so as to get my way.  Don't lie-that's what you're thinking aren't you?  Well I'm here to tell you that you are wrong.

Check out this cool mani/pedi kit I got from Tweezerman.  It has two sizes of nail clippers, different grit nail files, a set of tweezers, a nipper, a pumice stone on a handle and two funky tools that I am just loving right now.

Can you dig it?  This is the coolest thing I have ever seen in terms of mani/pedi kits. Now on to the funky tools.  Here is a picture of them alone.

Oh yeah.  Don't they look like medical instruments?  They are well made, heavy for their size, stainless steel and made with precision in mind.  The top thingy is an ingrown toe filer/cleaner and works amazingly well.  I'm not going to talk about toe jam here because it's a gross subject.  But the other thingy is called a 'pushy'.  Now you get my post title! If you can see it, it even says pushy on the left side. This is a great cuticle pusher. I've been using an orange stick like a lot of people do, but I must say, this does a much better job for me.  It even cleans up the stuff that you normally use remover for.  I am in love!  I will never go back to my orange stick!

For more information and purchasing these items, you can go to Tweezerman's website.

Back to the mani for today. I am continuing on with my holo happiness.  I still have so many to show you, it's unreal!  The bummer for today is that my camera is once again being stupid.

Why is it that cameras have such a hard time showing purples as they are?

We start with the silly bottle shot.

I even took this picture on a blue towel hoping to show the purple to no avail.  This is Enchanted Polish Awesomeness and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. You can already see the rainbows!

I started with Lucy, which is a gorgeous pale lilac holo.  An accent nail with Awesomeness which is a blurple holo.  Here are those shots.




Rainbows galore!  WOOHOO! Next I stamped with MASH plate 41 and topped it off with my funky.  Here are the squiggly results.




Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Close Up


OMG! Isn't this absolutely amazing!  Oh yeah it would be even more awesome if it was purple like it was supposed to be!  But no matter.  You can still see how many rainbows are in this.  Stunning right?

The MASH plates are on sale now!! WOOHOO!!  Click here to get there!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?