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Thursday, May 3, 2012

My birthday mani

Before we get into what I wore on my actual birthday, I have a rant.  I was called into the principal's office-no wait, I mean my boss's office and was told my hair no longer conforms to the dress code.  WTF????  I've had the pink stripes now since before Christmas and you're just now telling me?  Boy was I pissed.  I stormed out and immediately tweeted my frustrations.  After I calmed down, I realized it's getting kind of expensive to do those stripes.  But if they think I'm changing my red hair-that ain't happening.  They hired me with flaming red hair 3.5 years ago and I refuse to change that.

Don't you just wish you were rich enough to look them in the eye and tell them to go f**k themselves and quit?  Man I sure do wish I could do that!  They better not start in on my nails.  I looked up the dress code and all it said was no artificial nails, no chipped polish and no nail jewelry.  I have to say, that I am not giving up my nail art.  I truly will quit and find another job first.

OK-rant over.  Now on to happier things like my birthday!  WOOHOO!  I always start that day thinking of my awesome gramma.  She died on my birthday years ago and she was the one who taught me how to fish.  Next, I turn on the Cracker song "Happy Birthday To Me," and sing along for a few repeats.  It's my own special ceremony. I had gone shopping the day before because it was raining on my birthday.  I love rain, so it was a nice present for me!

We will also be playing a game today.  Some of you already know the answer.  But you know the game "one of these things is not like the other?" I think it's Sesame Street or some crap like that? Or those pictures where you have to pick out the differences? Well today, you get to figure out what is different in my pictures.

Yes, this is a long story already!  I am also showing you the winning birthday card for this year from my brother.  It is included in the silly bottle shot.

Can you guess what it says inside the card?  It says "for your birthday, I thought you'd like to see a cute guy with a nice weiner."  Isn't that freakin hilarious?  I also got two of the same card with Lady Gaga references.  But this was the clear winner this year!

The polish is A England St George and Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily.  I started with Aqua Lily which is a stunning light teal creme with pink shimmer.  Unfortunately, my camera is showing this too blue and the shimmer just isn't that apparent.  I wish it was. Here are the shots.




This would be so much prettier if the shimmer showed like it does in the bottle. However, I do love this color a lot!  Next, I stamped with St George, plate DRK-A and topped it off with my funky.  Here are the results.  See if you can spot the difference!




Indoor Sun


Close Up

Do you see it?  Oh yeah, I had a massive nubbinizing break in my ring finger nail.  I will be cutting the rest down because I just can't do the one short nail thing.  How sad though!  I had just taken the time to fortify all my nails with Orly Rescue stuff to help grow them past the splits in my nails.  How weird that it broke up right at the funky line though right?

Also, I have made a Pinterest board under my blog title name but have no idea what to do now!  Any suggestions?  I added a bunch of my manis.  All I want is to get more traffic to my blog.  Hopefully this will help.  Let me know people!  Plus, stay tuned the next post will have my giveaway winner on it!!!!!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?