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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Disco cool

Oh people!  I am so excited about today's mani!  I am particularly loving this one. Remember back in the disco era, when people had the beads hanging between doorways?  I used to love that but never did it for myself.  The design I used today reminds me of that time and era.

On a side note, I just had the scare of my life!  I was standing in my kitchen replying to emails when my cat starting swatting at my slippers.  I thought she was just playing and it was getting kind of annoying.  When I looked down, there was a huge hairy spider jumping out of my slippers and a bunch of micro babies following it. I jumped so high and screamed so loud!  It scared my cats into the next room.  OMG!  It was bad!  I had to squish it with a flip flop and use a tongs to pick it up.  I so wish I had a man to do that for me.  It's really the only reason to have one around!

Now that my heart is beating out of my chest, let's get on with today's business shall we?

First up, the silly bottle shot. I got requests for more daguerreotypes-so here is a distant uncle from the 1800s.  My dad found a whole box of them so if you guys still want to see them, I can show more!

This is Orly Wild Wisteria, Pure Ice Heartbreaker and Elevation Polish Elbrus.  Oh yeah, it's a purple day!

I started with Elbrus which is a gorgeous purple shimmer.  Here are your shots of that.




Why is it that I polish so much neater when I have nubs?  Check out those perfect cuticle troughs! Damn!  And oh how sexy this purple is.  I can't believe my camera is actually showing this correctly.  Next I stamped with Wild Wisteria and Fab Ur Nails Fun 2.  Then I added a layer of Heartbreaker and this added the most beautiful green shimmer throughout. Subtle but oh so awesome!  Topped off with my funky of course. Here are the results.




Indoor Sun


Close Up

Doesn't that green shimmer just add a little something to this?  I am loving this mani big time!  Doesn't that pattern remind you of disco?  It does me!  I am so in love with this.  Oh did I already say that??  Well it's so true!

Don't forget, Elevation Polish opens her store May 7 at 9pm CST and this Elbrus will be available plus many others!  Make sure you don't miss out!  She will also have one of a kind samples never to be seen again.  I will be showing you those in the coming days!  I now own 25 of her polish!  A whole shelf has been dedicated to my love of this indie brand. A whole shelf! Now that's love right?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?