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Monday, May 14, 2012

The funky turtle

I sit here at my computer trying to come up with something good to say, or some story that will tantalize you. However, it has been brought to my attention that not everyone reads what I have to say.  That they just skip to the pictures.  I admit, I am guilty of this sometimes myself.  There are blogs out there that I read word for word and then there are others I just look at the pictures.  I try not to be offended at those who do not read every word I write.  I get that I am a wordy beeyotch most of the time and people have lives to live.  It won't change how I blog.  I like to tell stories and talk about stuff other than polish.  So skip ahead if you want, just don't tell me about it!

Remember when I schooled you in daguerreotypes?  The first lady who was my grandma's mother?  Well here she is again in the silly bottle shot in my all time favorite picture.  I used to stare at this picture all the time growing up.  Wondering what it would be like to live back then.  My parents finally gave me this picture to keep for myself. She is the fourth lady from the left. This is an actual early photograph from the 1800s.

Isn't this just THE coolest picture ever?  It is now hanging in my bedroom so I can continue to stare at it all I want.  I just imagine being one of those ladies in those dresses and corsets.  Mind wanders off...........

OK I'm back!  On to the polish!  This is Elevation Polish sample # 144, Yushan and Pure Ice Heartbreaker.

I started with Yushan and an accent of #144.  My camera is not showing this correctly. These are actually seafoam green shades with an amazing shimmer in them.  Here are your shots.




It didn't help that the sun was hiding for this part.  Like I said before, these are both seafoam green.  One light and one darker.  I then stamped with plate SDP-N and the opposite color.  I then added a layer of Heartbreaker for sparkle and of course, finished with my funky.  Here are the results.



Indoor Sun


Indoor sun

Close Up

The lamplight picture is actually the most color accurate although it makes my skin a funny color.  Isn't this sparkle gorgeous?  I just love adding a hint of sparkle.  The few people I showed this to said it looks like a turtle.  I'm not sure I see that but hey it gave me a title for this post eh?

Are you guilty of not reading blogs and just looking at the pictures?  What do you think of my gorgeous ancestor's picture?

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?