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Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am digging this one big time

How's that for a title?  I just have to say that I am loving this mani I came up with and it has made it to my top ten if not top five.

Before we get to that though, it's story time.  Today I had to go to the dentist.  I absolutely hate and am so terrified of the dentist.  The only reason I go is because I like my dental hygienist.  She actually told me today that her last name is Hatfield and she is related to THE Hatfields.  You know that whole story from a long time ago about the Hatfield's and the McCoy's.  She even told me that her father gave a rifle from that event to her husband.  Can you imagine?

Anyway, there is nothing worse than having someone pick at your teeth.  I hate that so much and am so terrified of cavities that I use an electric toothbrush for six minutes a session.  Yeah, I don't mess around.  The only thing I need to make myself start doing is flossing.  I just can't get myself into that.  And the Xrays? Ugh.

Must stop reliving my morning's experience right now and talk nail polish!  We are still in holo land and if you are tired of it.  TOUGH!

We start, as always, with the silly bottle shot.

My two favorite indie brands playing nice together.  This is Enchanted Polish Midnight and Elevation Polish Sample #87. Behind is one of my prized possessions. I got this a long time ago like when I was 9.  Couldn't tell you where, maybe my parents will tell me. This is a piano made of blown glass.  It has traveled with me my whole life.  It has lived in 5 states with me and survived without breaking.  It truly is priceless to me.

Back to today.  I started with Midnight which is a charcoal holo and an accent of #87 which is a deep dark navy blue with hidden shimmer.  The sun was again hiding for this part.  Here are those shots.




I am just loving both of these colors without the holo goodness.  I mean they are just dark and stormy and luscious.  I then stamped with Orly Liquid Vinyl, MASH plate 42 and topped it off with my funky.  Here are the freakin awesome results. The sun came out and all was well.  Here are too many pictures to boot.




Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun

Close Up

OMG! Are you kidding me right now?  I can't take my eyes off this one.  I really can't.  I am fascinated by the dark smoky blackness and then BAM rainbows!  It's the most exciting thing to me.  I might have to say this is my favorite holo so far.  I still have way more to show you, but so far, this is my #1.

Do you love the dentist?  Or are you afraid like me?

Are you loving these holos as much as I am? These new MASH plates are on sale now! Get them here.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?