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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Liana needs love too

Now you all know that I am addicted and in love with Elevation Polish.  I have made no secret of that have I?  Well imagine my surprise when I was told that one of my favorite colors from her May collection did not sell at all.  What is wrong with you people??? Poor Liana has been left behind and feels neglected and unloved.  I am here to show you just how gorgeous she truly is.

Before we get to the task at hand, I want to share another little story.  I lived in St Louis for seven years.  I am absolutely in love with that city.  If I could live there again, I would. For now though, I don't want to be that far away from my family again.  Hey mom and dad!  When I lived there, I used to just sit for hours under the Arch and just watch people.  It was my talisman, the Arch.  For my 40th bday a few years back, I went back and spent my birthday under the Arch.  It was amazing.  Why am I telling you this?  Be patient my people.  For it will be revealed.

Here is your silly bottle shot for today.

Check out this picture I took.  I was standing directly under the Arch and aimed up.  I loved it so much I blew it up and framed it!!  In front is Elevation Polish Denali and Liana.

I started with Liana which is a gorgeous cafe au lait brown with hidden shimmer.  Denali is a reddened purple shimmer for my accent.  Here is that step.  The sun was hiding for this part.




How can you not love Liana?  I'm gonna pretend that you guys just missed this color during the sale.  Next I simply stamped with my MASH plate 46 and topped it off with my funky french.  Nothing fancy, just showcasing these two gorgeous colors together. Here are the results.





Indoor Sun

Close Up

OMG! I am just loving these two colors together aren't you?  Plus this MASH design is really cool but for the life of me I can't figure out what the design reminds me of. Dominos?  Help me people!  It's bugging me that I can't figure it out!

These MASH plates are on sale now!! Click here to get there.

Now don't you feel bad that you ignored Liana?  It's not too late, you can still pick this one up! Show Liana some love people!

I leave you once again with a random napping kitty shot. This peaceful shot was 5 minutes before the neighbors chopped down and ground up a huge tree making all sorts of racket!

Yes they always nap like this.  Isn't it so cute?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?