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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Couldn't decide which color to try first-

Now you all know how much I love color change top coats.  Well, one of my fave indie brands, SoFlaJo, came out with her new Spring colors.  Of course, I had to have some of them!

Before we get started, I am in mourning for my pretty nails!  Winter has finally beat my nails into sad peeling pathetic nubbins.  Two are down to the meat as Loodie would say. Luckily those are on my non picture hand.  After I did this mani you are about to see, the polish fell off in sheets!  So sad-I think I had too much oil on my nails trying to salvage what I have left. So as I write this, I sit here naked-no polish!

Here is your required silly bottle shot.

This is SoFlaJo Orange Blossom Special, Buttercup and Dew Drop with Bettina Garnet in the mix.  I couldn't decide which color to start with from the new collection, so I wore all three!  I started with skittles of the Buttercup and Orange Blossom.  Here are those shots.




Lately I have really been into yellow and orange polish.  It's weird!  These are so pretty! I think next time, I will do some underwear.  These were a little sheer so I had to do more layers.  I then stamped with Konad Black,  Aline's plate A02 and topped it off with a layer of Dew Drop which is a sheer white shimmer with some holo glitters.  I ended with my funky in Garnet.  Here are your results.





Close Up

You can really see the shimmer of Dew Drop on the black cat. There is also some sparse holo hex glitters in this as well.  It truly is stunning.  I can see myself using this a lot!  Aren't the cats cute?  I just love this mani!  I wish it hadn't fallen off hours later! That was my fault not the polish!

My poor sad nails are yucky right now!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?