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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A princess jawbreaker

Today I have something very special to show you.  My other bestie, Iris at Polish Amor made me a beautiful franken and sent me the latest drugstore craze color.

First up, we have a really cool bottle shot.  This one's for you Barilla!

Yes this is in the freezer! Barilla thought it'd be "cool" to have a freezer bottle shot! HAHA!  This is Essie No More Film, Polish Amor Jawbreaker, Elemental Styles Co-balt of Lightning and Sinful Cinderella.

I started with the Cinderella.  This really is a pretty color, but on the sheer side.  Here are your shots.


This has some amazing shimmer in it! I then did a layer of Jawbreaker not realizing it would entirely cover the Cinderella.  My first time trying it and didn't realize it was that opaque.  Here is that step.



Isn't this pretty?  Yes I am aware it has glitter in it.  It's not a glitter bomb!  It is a pretty white creme with slight shimmer and different colored glitters.  I love it!

Next I stamped with XXL plate 4 and Konad Special polish in Royal Purple.  I then did a layer of Co-balt of lightning and my funky french in No More Film.  Here are your shots.





Close Up

Is this not awesome as hell?  This is one of my faves so far as well!  I know I said that about my last one-but this one came out so great as well!  I am going to update my header and this is going on there!

Oh how I love this franken!  Thank you Iris!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?