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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Have you seen my stash?

Oh how the meaning of things change over time-this title meant something drastically different in the 80s for me. Pause for flashback.......

Periodically, I get requests to see my polish collection.  I have not counted how many bottles I own.  I am quite afraid of finding out.  I am very sure others have way more, but I really don't want to have a humongous stash.  I have 4 bookcases and really am not looking to add more bookcases.  Are you ready?

Bookcase #1

Now I will break this down into shelves for closer inspection.

Top shelf-bookcase #1

On top is my Julep and Laura's Lacquer frankens.  The space is where my camera box goes.  On the shelf itself-back row is Orly, front row more Orly, Savvy, Nars and American Apparel.  I turn the labels so I see the colors.

2nd shelf-bookcase#1

Back row is some Barielle, Nubar, and Nfu Oh.  Front row is OPI, CND, Layla, Sinful and a Polish Amor franken. The shelves are lined with drawer liner that is slightly tacky and I cut foam block to make a shelf within the shelves.

Shelf #3-Bookcase #1

Back row is Deborah Lippmann, Pure Ice, Cult Nails.  Front row is Catrice, Finger Paints, Revlon (gasp)!

On to Bookcase #2

As you can see, this is where I do my blogging. Perfect when you are surrounded by pretty polish! Here comes the shelf breakdown.

Shelf #1-Bookcase #2

On top are my Konad Special polish.  Back row is Chanel, Color Club.  Front row is Joe Fresh and NYX.


This is my prized Rescue Beauty Lounge Collection. Note the space in front for the new Fan collection due out in April!  So back row is RBL, BeYu, Collistar.  Front row is more RBL, Dior and YSL.

Shelf #3-Bookcase #2

This is all my Essie.  As you can see, I have run out of room for more!

Now on to Bookcase #3.

Now for each shelf.

Shelf#1-Bookcase #3

On top are Hits No Olimpo, Max Factor, Glitter Gal, and mini Girly Bits.  Back row are Zoya.  Front row ManGlaze, Zoya and mini Nails Inc.

Shelf #2-Bookcase#3

This shelf is full of three rows of Nails Inc.


This is three rows of China Glaze.

Now the last bookcase.  Bookcase#4

Shelf #1-Bookcase#4

On top are Elemental Styles.  Back row is Kiko and A England. Front row is Illamasqua, Girly Bits, Dollish Polish and a Lynnderella.

Shelf #2-Bookcase#4

This is my glorious two rows of Bettina and Lynnderella.

Shelf #3-Bookcase#4

What? Another two rows of Bettina? Oh yeah people! Plus front row is my brown Barielle collection.

The only thing I am missing from these pictures are my full size SoFlaJo.  They are in the mail!

I hope this has satisfied your sick need to see my stash.  If you happen to count the bottles-please don't tell me how many there are!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?