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Thursday, March 1, 2012

First glitter, then pink and now Revlon???

I swear you people are getting to me.  I have been a proud nail polish snob here and I just don't do drugstore brands.  Lately though, I have been seeing swatches of such an awesome blue color that I went slumming and bought my first Revlon polish.  GASP!!!!

Have you all recovered enough to go on??

First up, the silly bottle shot.

This is Revlon Royal, Nails Inc St John's Wood and Elemental Styles Co-balt of Lightning.

Oh yeah people, my first Revlon is Royal-but you know what I found out?  This Royal is about the same blue as Orly Royal Navy but without the shimmer that Navy has.  I started with Royal.  Here are those shots.




It really is a pretty color.  Next I stamped with Sally Hansen Whirlwind White, Cheeky plate CH14, doodled with my art pens and topped it all off with Co-balt of Lightning and my funky french in SJW.

Now before we see the results, I want to tell you about this Elemental Styles polish. This is made by Whitney and her blog is Elemental Styles.  She had these color changing top coats that she made on her blog and I got so excited, I left her a comment saying if she needed someone to test drive these, to hook me up.  I never thought she'd take me up on it but she did! So she sent me this one and Copper-nicus, which will be on my next post.

This Co-balt of Lightning is a blue color changing top coat.  I just love it!  I am addicted to these.  She has a whole new collection of these out called the Halogen set at her Etsy shop. I have already ordered that whole set minus the glitter one!  Go check it out!

OK-now back to the mani-here is the final result.





Close Up

See that shimmer? That's the Co-balt of Lightning doing that!  Isn't is awesome?  I am swooning over this collection that Whitney has made.  I think there are not enough people out there making stuff that ISN'T glitter!

So what do you think of this mani? Pretty cool eh?  Are you over the shock of seeing a drugstore polish on this blog?  I have to say that as much as I love this color, the Revlon was runny and kind of a pain to use.  It is a quick dry formula so it was drying while I was still polishing and that caused problems for me.  All in all, I like this color.  It certainly is NOT converting me to buy all things drugstore-but it's a nice option whenever I see a truly cool color.

Go check out Whitney's blog and her Etsy shop-she does have glitters on there as well! Thank you for making these Whitney-I love them!!!! Hope I did your polish justice!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?