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Saturday, March 3, 2012

So simple yet freakin awesome!

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to make a special plea.  I am in desperate search of a backup Chanel Khaki Brun and Barielle Tight Knit.  The Chanel is my all time favorite polish and I'm at half a bottle.  Evilbay wants $70!  I also recently discovered the Barielle Style in Argyle Fall 2010 collection-all BROWNS!  What the hell was I doing when this came out?  You all know how I feel about browns!  I have gotten 5 of the 6 in that set.  I am missing Tight Knit.

Please people, check your stashes and put a smile on my face.  I have cool stuff to swap with (Ozotic, Model's Own).

Now back to the task at hand.

Since I am in a brown mood over these Barielle, I thought I'd do another brown post. As if I need a reason to wear more brown right?

First up, the required silly bottle shot.

This is OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys and Elemental Styles Copper-nicus.  Now I showed you a different Elemental Styles last post.  This is the other one Whitney gave me to review.

Most of the time when I see blogs doing reviews of top coats, they always do it over black.  How boring is that?  That's why last post, I did it over blue and today will be over brown.  So much more exciting!

I started with the OPI.  This is a dark chocolate cream and just fabulous in my opinion.  I just love brown!  Here are your shots.  Hopefully, this is the last post with my pointer finger cropped out.  My cuticle is just about healed.  Here are your shots.



Are you kidding me?  This is gorgeous! How can you not love this-it's like melted chocolate on your fingers!

I admit, I was feeling lazy when I did this mani.  I didn't feel like stamping and going all crazy but I also wanted to show the awesomesauce of Whitney's creation.  Last post, it was covered up and this post, I really wanted her polish to shine.

Whitney has a blog Elemental Styles and her Etsy shop sells this polish and many more.  I already bought the remaining 7 that I was missing from her shop (excluding the glitters of course)!  Stay tuned to see those babies in upcoming posts. I just love color change top coats-so fun to play with.  Go check her out!

Now to complete this mani, I simply did one layer of Copper-nicus over the OPI and then did my funky french in the same OPI to show how different just one layer of a color change top coat changes the look.  Like I said, simple yet freakin awesome! Check out the sparkle in these shots.





Close Up

Do you see that shimmer? I see golds, reds, coppers in this.  I haven't stopped staring at my nails for the past three days!  Sometimes simple is better.  This is stunning.  I am in love.  I will definitely be repeating this look.

I can't wait to try out the rest of Whitney's collection.  I promise you, you will love her stuff.  Go check it out!

Remember my plea people-check your stash-I am begging here.  I need Barielle Tight Knit and Chanel Khaki Brun.  Like I need air to breathe!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?