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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My first Barry M!

I have really been trying to get my hands on polish from around the world.  So far, I have polish from Slovenia, Italy, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico.  I think it is so cool to try different polish.

I have been yearning to try Barry M.  Thanks to Harlow and Co, I can finally get my hands on them!  I have gotten twelve of them and couldn't wait another minute to try it out.

First up, the required silly bottle shot.

This is Barry M Indigo and Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean.

I started with Indigo.  This is my new favorite blue of all time-well maybe tied with Phallic, phallic, phallic.  You know I just love saying that!  The formula on this is perfect. I think my polish application is the best I've done so far.  My cuticles have that perfect half circle with just the right amount of space.  It's something I strive for but never quite get.  This is up there with some of my favorite bloggers. I am quite proud of myself here.

Yes if you can't toot your own horn-who else is gonna do it for you?  Here are the shots of the glorious Indigo.




Damn the sun! It was hiding and I so wanted to show this in all it's glory!  FYI-I do think this is a close dupe to Revlon Royal but this formula is SO much better.

Since I didn't want to mess with this too much (and let's face it-I was lazy) I did a layer of Cosmic Ocean.  Here is that step.


Pretty cool right?  Wait til you see what this top coat really does!  I did another layer of Cosmic Ocean and did my funky in Indigo.  The sun came out for this part-plus I did some blurry low light shots to show you the coolness of this polish.



Lamp light

Low Light

Lamp Light

Close Up Sun

Close Up Low Light

Macro Sun
Do you see how this changes from blue to green in different light?  I had to take a million pictures just to get good ones that capture this!  I so love this color changer-it's one of my top faves!

This is a simple but freakin cool mani showcasing my new love for Barry M!  I just love this brand!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?