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Sunday, March 11, 2012

More layering fun

So after the fiasco of my last mani, I certainly was not going to take the time to do more stamping.  I was too mad!  Layering is an easy way to achieve coolness.  I decided I would do that.

I know I have shared with you some Elemental Styles color change top coats.  I have all eight of them!  I am playing with two more today.

First up, the required silly bottle shot.

This is Elemental Styles Can I Buy You a Zinc?, Illamasqua Viridian and Elemental Styles Fluorine Green.

I started with the Viridian.  This is a peacock teal shimmer, a little more on the green side of teal.  Here are your shots. The sun was hiding for this part.


Isn't it pretty?  I then did a layer of Fluorine Green.  Here is that step.


Isn't it great how just one layer can change the look so drastically?  I kept going with another layer with Can I Buy You A Zinc?.  I then did my funky french using A England St George which I just realized I forgot in my bottle shot!  No matter, that beauty is getting its own show later!  Here are the results.



Under a lamp

Close Up

Did I forget to mention that Zinc is a light green holo?  Oh yeah man!  The last three pictures are intentionally blurry to show the rainbows of happiness in this polish.  The sun was hiding so I did this so you could see the awesomesauce of this polish!

Even though this was a rush job, it still came out really cool.  I got a lot of compliments on it.  I just love this holo!  Go over to Whitney's shop and check out her stuff!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?