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Saturday, January 7, 2012

I have created a new polish addict!

I have created a mini Fingers!  My niece has become a polish addict!  Guess what she got for Christmas?? Lots of nail polish!  Isn't that hilarious?  She is 5!  I had to apologize to my sister in law for corrupting her daughter!

For today's mani, my niece picked out the stamp designs and the colors all by herself.  She really came up with a great combination this time!  We decided we would do matching designs again like our Christmas one.

Again, instead of the silly bottle shot, we have more NY snow.

Isn't this stunning?  That blue sky against the snowy limbs of the trees?  OMG!

Now on to the manis!  I had gotten my niece a set of ten no name nail polish.  She used two of those.  I can't tell you names or brands-there weren't any.  I can say that she alternated a shimmer reddish brown with a copper gold shimmer.

I used a polish given to me by the sweet Rachel at Stuff I Swatched.  I had commented on her blog about how much I just loved this Essie color and she sent it to me! Can you believe that? I am still shocked!! Please make sure you go and check out her blog-it rocks!!  Thank you so much again Rach!!

So I used Essie Masquerade Belle which is a deep burgundy red and Bettina Couture which is a lighter army greenish taupe on the accent nail.  Here are your shots-with no sun.


Stupid me forgot the indoors shots!! I'm also not sure these two colors go together-but I only brought 8 different polish for 3 days of vacation!!  I next stamped me and my niece's nails with XXL Plate 1. Here are the results.





Close Up


My Niece

Our Matching Manis!
I again used Sally Hansen Whirlwind white for the stamping.  That stuff rocks!  Didn't my niece do an awesome job picking out polish colors for herself? We had decided that since Christmas was over-we would use a design that wasn't festive!

Aren't these teddy bears cute?  My niece's nails were too little for the bear to fit on all her nails so we found smaller hearts to match the teddy bear on her other nails.

I'm telling you, we have a future nail art blogger right here in our midst!  I just love her-love doing our nails together!  The hardest part is getting a 5 year old-who just got a bunch of cool Christmas toys to sit still for on a hour to dry!

What do you think of my mini Fingers??  Isn't she awesome?