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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Better Late Then Never-

I told you guys that I had gone home to New York for Christmas.  So I am just now able to post my holiday manis.  I know it's 2012-deal with it!

Anyway, today I am showing you my drive home for the holidays, pre-Christmas mani.  I finally caved and bought new China Glaze colors.  Today we will be viewing them for the first time!

Here is your required silly bottle shot.

This is China Glaze Holly-Day and Winter Berry. I will also be using my Sally Hansen Whirlwind White for the first time for stamping.  We shall see how it does.

Since this was a pre holiday mani, I decided to alternate the green and red on my nails.  Thought it was uber festive.  Here are your shots. Of course, once again I had no sun for you.




I am loving these two colors!  You know how I love green and this was worth buying.  The red is a berry jelly and these two are just perfect for Christmas.  I then used the Whirlwind White and stamped with Shany SH17 and topped it off with a white snowy funky french.  Here are the results.





Close Up

Remember how I told you there was no sun? Then how did I get a sun shot you ask?  I took it at a random Rest Stop on I-81 driving home to NY!  People were looking at me funny!! Of course, that's nothing new!!

I now have a new white for stamping!! My problem with Konad special white was it always smeared no matter what I did.  This did not!  I also used my new stamping technique and can see that my designs are coming out much crisper!

So there you have it.  My Pre-Christmas/Drive Home for the Holiday mani.  I just love snowflakes so this is perfect for me.

What do you think?