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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brown Layering Bonanza

I have gotten several comments lately that people are totally excited over my layering and are clamoring for more.  While I should be happy about this, the pessimist in me wonders if that is because you are tired of my stamping?  Is this the case or are you guys really digging my layering combinations and I'm just being silly?

All I know, is that layering is fun and actually a lot easier and faster than stamping.  While I will never give up stamping (never fear Sarah!), I am having fun playing with layers.

Today we are having a brown fest.  You should know by now it is my favorite color.  If you don't, there's just no hope for you!

First up, as you know, the required silly bottle shot.

This is Finger Paints Twisted, Bettina Suede and China Glaze Midtown Magic.  I bought this China Glaze when it came out this past fall but have yet to wear it.  I decided today was the day.  Bummer is, the sun was hiding and I can't show you its true fabulousness.  Here are your shots.




Midtown Magic is a deep dark brown with multi colored shimmer.  It really is very pretty in the sun.  I should have worn this much sooner.  I then added a layer of Finger Paints Twisted which is a multi colored flakie and topped it off with Bettina Suede.  Suede is a lovely tan creme.  Here are your shots.  The sun shots were taken three days later so excuse the tip wear.





Close Up

Normally I don't point out flaws.  I hate when other people do that.  Most of the time no one will notice unless you point it out.  I comment that on blogs all the time.  Don't point out your flaws, people will not notice.  But I think this is funny and love to share funnies.

Go back and look at my pointer finger.  Notice the chunk missing?  I had no idea I had even done this until the next morning.  I figured I did it in my sleep. Just chewed a chunk of polish off my nail. But then, writing this post, I realized the chunk is there when I took these pictures right after I did my nails! So the whole day, I had a chunk missing and never noticed it. How silly is that?

Figured you'd get a kick out of that.  At least this mani rocks! I just love brown and wanted to play up the shimmer with the flakies.  Didn't it come out awesome?

So tell me people, are you tired of my stamping or is my layering really that great?