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Monday, January 9, 2012

Do flakies count as glitter?

As many of you know, I hate glitter with the exception of Lynnderella's Connect the Dots.  I've been told that that doesn't even count as glitter!  Who makes up these rules anyway?  Is there a glitter council that I don't know about?  Anyway, I have discovered flakies. It started with Unicorn Puke and has blossomed into an experiment in layering.

Most of the time, I do stamping and have yet to delve into the world of layering.  Well that has changed my friends, that has changed.  I am obsessed with layering these days.  What I need to try next is stamping on a layering mani.  Maybe I'll work on that next.......

First up as always, the silly bottle shot.

This is Model's Own Emerald Black from the Beetlejuice collection, Finger Paints Motley from their new flakies collection and Essie Going Incognito. Damn that's a mouthful!

I started with the EB.  This is a stunningly beautiful deep blackened blue with shimmer galore!  Check it out in all it's glory.




I honestly don't see any emerald green in this but I don't make up the names now do I?  Man that would be a sweeeeet job though right?  I then did two layers of Motley, which is a blue green flakie and topped it off with my funky french with the Essie.  Here are the results.





Close up

I chose that Essie because it is in the green family.  I thought maybe it would bring out any emerald green in the flakies and the EB.  I love this.  I think I'm a new flakies addict.  But I won't be getting a whole buttload of them because there are only so many color combos you can do with flakies.  The Finger Paints 5 pretty much cover the spectrum.  I am impressed with them.

So for discussion today-do flakies count as glitter?