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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Matching Snowflake Manis

I have told you in the past about my five year old niece and how I do her nails whenever I see her.  Well over the holidays, we did a couple of different manis. She picked the colors and the stamps.  We decided for our official Christmas Day mani, we would wear matching snowflakes.

She had seen my pre-holiday red and green mani when I arrived home.  She decided that that was what she wanted for herself.  I decided I had had enough of holiday colors and went with a purple theme.

Instead of the silly bottle shot, I am showing you snow in NY.

That is my car on the left and my dad's woodworking shop in the middle.  Isn't the snow on the trees beautiful?  I just love cold and snow,  makes me happy!

I told you I was doing purple today.  I chose A England Lady of the Lake, which is a purple shimmery holo and China Glaze VIII which is a deep beautiful blurple for the accent nail.  Notice the snowy trees in the background of my pictures.




These are stunning!  I really need to do a full mani with that China Glaze.  The LoL is a rainbow of joy to look at-especially against snow.  I then took Sally Hansen Whirlwind white again and stamped mine and my niece's nails with XXL plate 1.  Here are the shots.




Close Up


My Niece

Our Matching Snowflakes!
In case you didn't read my last post, my niece is wearing China Glaze Holly Day and Winter Berry.

I tell you, we were the hit of the Christmas family dinner.  Everyone was taking pictures of our nails.  It was really cool!  I just love these purples and think they made for a different festive theme. I'm also shocked that my camera actually showed these as purple! Must be the snow!

Stay tuned for my next post-more of matching manis with my niece!

As a side note-I am having issues with my Intense Debate commenting system.  Keep getting a weird error message when I try to reply to comments via email, so I have contacted the company and am waiting for a response.  In the meantime, I am manually replying to comments but it is taking longer to get to them than usual!