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Friday, January 13, 2012

Nine layers of awesome!

Yes my friends-I am still on a layering kick! I just can't get off this train yet.  But soon!

Today I decided to really go all out and just pile on the layers and see what happens.  I think it actually came out pretty damn cool until it was time to take it off that is!  Two polish fell off in sheets from the thickness of it! Ah the price we pay to look fabulous. Am I right ladies??

Recently, Rescue Beauty Lounge held another Bring It Back sale.  I scooped up two Catherines and a Killa Red.  I found out that someone dissed Ji on her Facebook page saying that the original Anne was different from the re-released Anne.  This of course is bullsh*t. Ji is famous for her high standards and high quality. She would NEVER put out a color that was different than the original.  Because of this, she will not be doing any more BIBs!

Now why are there always haters out there?  Some random assh*le had to go and ruin it for everybody.  I tweeted Ji and told her not to listen to them-but I think the damage has already been done.  It truly breaks my heart because she puts out such amazing polish.

Here we have the silly bottle shot.

This is RBL Catherine H, Lynnderella Connect the Dots, Essie Pure Pearlfection and Color Club Lumin-icecent.  I have no idea why I passed up this Catherine H the first time it was offered.  Must have hit my head or something.  This is a dusky periwinkle blue with stunning multicolor shimmer.  Here are your shots.


Cloudy light

Of course there was no sun when I did this mani.  So frustrating that I couldn't show you its glory!  Anywho, I then did two layers of  CTD, two layers of Essie and topped it off with my funky french in Lumin-icecent. Nine layers total, including base and top coats.  Are you ready?

Partial Sun




Close Up

I wanted to play up the hidden shimmer in the CTD and I think Essie Pure Pearlfection really does the trick.  Isn't this awesome?  I am so in love with Connect the Dots it should be a crime!

Removal on this was really tough-I was not a happy camper when that happened.  But oh how pretty this is!

Anyone out there who loves Ji like I do-let's start a campaign of love to counteract the haters! You can tweet her @rescuebeauty or go to her Facebook page and tell her you love her!

Any thoughts out there?