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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So bright-I gotta wear shades-

When I was picking out colors for today's mani, I really wanted to do something outside my norm.  I was tired of the festive red and green for the moment and wanted something as loud as my hair.

I recently had gotten some new Bettinas in bright bright colors.  I decided today was the day to wear some of them.  We will also be continuing with my layering flakie love as well.  Be warned-you will need sunglasses for this!

Here is the required silly bottle shot.

This is Bettina Flame, Finger Paints Flashy and Bettina Garnet.  I started with Flame which is exactly what it's name says.  It is a bright reddish orange creme and fabulous!  It is not a neon.  Here it is.




Trust me, this looks like straight orange, but compared to my actual orange polish, it has more red in it.  I think it's lovely and loud!  I then did two layers of Flashy, which is an orange green flakie.  I topped it off with Garnet as my funky.  Garnet is a metallic shimmer red orange.  It's actually more subtle than I wanted.  But overall still freakin bright!!!





Close Up

Oh yeah-that's what I'm talking about.  A bright sunny loud mani perfect for a cold winter's day!  I am loving this and got a lot of compliments on it.

Any thoughts out there in blog land?