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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ah-mazing mani if I do say so myself

OMG you guys! When I said the other day that I impressed myself and it was the best mani I'd ever done? Well I was so wrong.  Today's is!  I am freakin out over this one.  Bummer is, the sun was hiding again so no sun shots.  No matter, it is still awesome!

I have decided that A England is one of my favorite brands.  I am loving Adina's creations big time. Recently, she had a sale and free shipping.  So I hopped on that train and bought the two I was lemming for.  I am lemming for more-but these were the top two!

Here is your required bottle shot.

This is A England Perceval and Holy Grail on top of XL plate B.  Since I couldn't decide which one to wear first, I thought I'd wear both at the same time.

I started with Holy Grail.  I love this name because it reminds me of Monty Python's movie The Holy Grail. My all time favorite movie besides their Life of Brian movie.  I absolutely love that kind of silly humor.  I could recite the whole movie to you at any time start to finish.  My whole family except my mom just loves these two movies. Mom just doesn't understand the humor-she thinks it's stupid!  Oh well.

Anywho, Holy Grail is a stunning yellow gold metallic shimmer.  I am loving this color. I only wish I could have shown you this in the sun.  Trust me it's bling-tastic.  Here are your shots.




How awesome is this color??  Swoon! Then I stamped with XL plate B using Perceval which is a hot red metallic shimmer.  Once again I forgot to take a picture of this step.  I then used my nail art pens and did dots! Now remember, I am a dot failure with traditional brushes.  No longer! I have these pens to do dots. I topped it off with my funky french still using Perceval.   Am so very excited.  Are you ready for awesomesauce?  Here are the results.




Close Up

Are you in disbelief?  I did dots people! How freakin cool is this? I am so happy with this mani.  Random people kept coming up to me telling me how cool these are. Even dudes!  I must say if a dude notices your nails that's something right?

I have pushed the bar to a higher quality and am very excited to do even cooler designs for you.  I think I've reignited some serious mani mojo in me.  I can't wait to see what I come up with next!

What about you?