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Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Awards-More useless trivia

In the past few weeks, I have gotten many more awards.  As you know from my past award winnings, I refuse to follow the rules and always give you useless trivia about myself.  Well get ready-more is coming your way.

First up, the Cute Blog Award which I have never seen before and think it's so cute! I got this from Polish and Charms, Nails and Stuff, Base Coat Top Coat, Love Bean Girl and Nails Like Lace.

Next up is the Kreativ Blogger Award which I got from Nails Like Lace, Need More Nails and Polish and Charms

Lastly, I got the Versatile Award from Polish and Charms and Green Eyes Pink Nails

I just know you are waiting with baited breath to learn more useless crap about me so here goes.

1) I learned how to drive in a '75 Ford Van, manual with the stick shift on the column.  Me and my dad got in the van and he didn't tell me what to do, he just said "OK drive" I ended up on the lawn, tearing up a patch of grass and pissing off my mom.  Ever since that day, I refuse to own an automatic car.  Only stick shift for me.

2) In high school, I was an outcast because I didn't play sports.  I was in all the bands and choir. I played the oboe and piano.  I also led a campaign to allow us to wear shorts to school. Miniskirts were allowed and shorts weren't? Come on!! I won that battle.

3) Growing up I was IN LOVE with Julian Lennon.  I wanted to marry him.  My room's walls were plastered with his face.  I still have his CD and regularly listen to it. I was also in love with Davy Jones of the Monkees. It broke my heart when I learned he was married.  I own all their original records.

4) I am a VERY good pool player.  I used to beat people all the time.  I played every day for hours.  I truly used to be a shark.

5) I can burp better and louder than most men.  It's something I'm proud of! My dad taught me! Thanks Dad!

6) I read the most horrific psychological thrillers every night before I go to bed.  I read for at least an hour, sometimes two.  Have been doing that since I was little.

7) I also love Horror movies.  The scarier the better. Thing is-they don't scare me! With the one exception of Paranormal Activity.  That movie scared the crap out of me. I like the depravity of all the different ways people come up with to kill each other.  Yes I'm weird like that.

8) I am addicted to the channel Investigational Discovery.  These are shows of real life crimes, forensic science etc.

So there you have it.  More trivia about me that you never wanted to know!  Thank you again to all the blogs out there who nominated me for all these awards.  Make sure you go and check theirs out.  They are awesome!

Also want to send a special shout out to Anutka at Wacky Laki for helping me with some computer issues.  Make sure you check out her blog too!

That's all for today.  Any thoughts out there?