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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Chaos and Crocodiles Asset

I am working my way through a new meditation app.  It's called the Waking Up app.  It's done by Sam Harris.  He has a dreamy voice that's for sure.  Besides the daily meditations, he has what he calls lessons.  The ones I've done so far are pretty damn thought provoking.

The lesson he calls Free Will is especially freaky.  In it he says that the reality is, we have no free will even though we think we do.

Let's get deep people.

What he says is that we didn't pick our parents, we didn't pick the environment that we grew up in, that we didn't pick our genes or pick our soul.  Are you with me so far? We can agree on these things right?

What did you think after reading those statements?  What are you going to think next? You don't know.  One can't possibly know what is going to be the next thought.  As this would mean you would need to think before thinking.  Thoughts just appear, you don't choose them.

So where is your freedom of will? If your thoughts come on their own, that you're not actually thinking them into existence, how can you have free will?

Here's his example if you want to play along.  "He says to pick any movie you want, you're free to choose any movie you want.  Just pay attention to the experience of choosing.  He says that this is as free a decision you will ever make in your life.  You are totally free to pick any movie you want.

Ok now choose...........

Now choose another film and do it one more time.  Pick a third movie.

Did you see any evidence of free will here?  Let's look for it.  Set aside all the films you don't know so couldn't have picked.  There's no freedom in that as you couldn't pick one of those movies if your life depended on it.  But there are many other films that you are aware of that you didn't pick.

Now you absolutely know that Rocky 2 is a film but you didn't think of it.

Think about this.  Were you free to choose that which didn't occur to you to choose? Your Rocky 2 circuits were not in play for reasons you could not possibly know and could not control.  Based on the state of your brain a moment ago, Rocky 2 was not an option.

Where is the freedom in that?

Think of a new film and pay attention to the process.  Why did you choose the movie you chose?  As the conscious witness of your inner life, you are not making these decisions.  All you can do is witness these decisions.  You no more picked your movie in subjective terms than if I had picked it for you.  You have no control over which movie finally appeared in your thoughts.

Pay attention to how thoughts arise and decisions get made moment to moment, you'll see there is no evidence of free will."

Now what I have just typed is verbatim from Sam Harris's lesson, I've put it in quotes.  These are not my words, not my thoughts.  However, it hit me so powerfully, that I wanted to share it with you guys. After really thinking things through, I feel he's got a point here.

It's kind of freaky when you think about it.  He talks about how people sometimes wish they could go back in time.  That if they could, they would have done things differently.  But knowing what we just talked about before, would you really have done things differently if the reality is, you didn't choose what happened in the first place?

Think about it.

OK that's deep enough for today.  Let's talk super holo happiness.

I didn't do a silly bottle shot for this one and I did no art as I usually don't with super holos.

I give you Chaos and Crocodiles Asset.

How freakin amazing is this????? Chaos makes the best super holos hands down.  That's right, you heard it here first!  LOL.  Anyway, it's a gorgeous super holo and an addition to the Secret Agent set Chaos came out with a few years ago. 

Hope I didn't mess with your minds too much with today's topic. 

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?