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Monday, January 7, 2019

Elevation Polish Alphubel

My first post of the New Year has gone up.  My designer has messaged me so will have commenting system back shortly.  I have finished my house decluttering and cleaned the crap out of my fish tank yesterday.  Now I need to work on the outside.  Raking, cleaning etc. 

How about another work story for you? I know some of you out there live for them.  This is one that's months in the making and had just come to fruition. 

Back in time, not even a year ago, us navigators were interviewing someone new.  This person was from another state and was telling us how amazing the program was at her hospital.  She would not shut up about it.  On and on she went. My place does this, my place does that. 

I had decided I had heard enough.  I looked her dead in the eyes and said, do not come here, we don't have that and you will not be happy.  I suggest you stay where you are. 

Literally said that.  This is not a joke. 

A few weeks later, I heard she accepted the position and moved here.  She was to be over two different cancers and tumor boards.  She decided that she was going to become our boss, which makes me chuckle as she is a new nurse, fresh out of school and again, I've got the seniority.  So we all knew that wasn't going to happen.

Then whispers started.

She refused to do one of the cancers she was hired to do.  She refused to see people in clinic.  She refused a lot of things she was hired to do.  One of the doctors came to me asking if I was interested in picking up another cancer.  (I do three categories now.) This doctor asked if I could send him examples of my tumor board presentations to see which one he liked and wanted new girl to do. 

Next thing I know, someone else is telling me how she was talking smack behind my back.  Now I don't give a sh*t what people say about me cause I know I'm damn good at what I do.  I happened to have a meeting with my boss and mentioned it to her and it turns out that new chick thought that I decided what work she was to do when it was the doctor's idea and that she had refused to do it.

Next time I saw this chick, she tried to say something about it to me, trying to find out who had told me that she had been talking smack.  I just blew her off and refused to tell her and this of course made her mad as well. 

Right before Christmas, the rumor mill got all charged up and it's about her.  Seems that she has turned in her notice and quit.  Part of me feels bad because she moved here from afar, but part of me knows I told her to stay put and not move here.  Plus I know that she's not willing to work, to learn about how to be a nurse and refusing to do what she was hired to do so better off without her. 

I just love being right. 

All right.  Here is today's silly bottle shot.

This is Bettina Heavenly, Elevation Polish Alphubel and Konad stamping polish in Silver and Dark Blue.

I started with Alphubel.

This polish is a gorgeous baby blue with blue shimmer running through it.  I think it's awesome.

Next I ruined this gorgeous color but trying to double stamp and then schmeared it with top coat. I had forgotten the stamping rule.  This rule states to not go over the design more than once with the top coat brush or else it schmears.  I used a MoYou London Christmas plate.

Yes I did add my funky french with the Bettina trying to salvage this, but yeah.  It's just a huge fail.

Oh well.  Tomorrow is another day right? Also this can be fixed with acetone. 

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?