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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Enchanted Polish Football Season

Ah yes.  The time has come to finish the story of the nurse who could not convert centimeters to millimeters, nor could figure out how to Google such.

First, I shall start with the very good work news.  She is gone.

Dammit, I gave away the ending too soon!

No really, the good news is, after YEARS of working in a tiny airless, windowless basement office with too many other people, I finally have an office with a window!

Let's all pause while we revel in my joy.............

Oh yes people.  My boss came to me one day last August and led me to a vast room with only SIX large cubicles and two very large floor to ceiling windows and asked me which one I would like to have.  You see, I have been there the longest of anyone and the boss was rewarding me with first choice of cubicle.

You best believe I picked the far back right corner next to the window.  Can I just say, it is magical.  To have that window and light and a quiet place to work is a dream.  The work space is literally three times bigger than my basement desk. It won't last, but for now, I am loving it.  It's in a restricted area that you have to have special badge swipe privilege so random people can't just come and visit.  And it's locked with just the six of us having keys.

When this change took place, there were six other navigators besides the six in the new office. Can I just say the b*tching that went on and why don't I get the magic office? Sh*t man, when you've been there longer than a week, maybe you can earn that privilege. Until then, nope.  I told my boss how much I appreciated that I got to choose first.  Seniority doesn't always pay off, but it did here.

When the new building is done in 2020 or so, I shall lose this place.  But for now, I am living for it.

So back to the topic.  This new navigator was so awful, she wouldn't see patients in clinics, wouldn't do anything other than surf the web.  However, she was making these horrible claims against her coworker doing the same cancer, who was training her.  She would go to the boss saying how she was being bullied and stuff.  It was insane.

I started listening while she worked making detailed notes about what she did and said to staff and patients. Believe me, I had damning sh*t.  When it got so bad, HR got involved and there were meetings and mediation.  I can't get into particulars here. It boiled down to the new chick saying she was being bullied when quite frankly, the new chick was the bully.

Finally, enough dirt was documented so the boss could remove the new chick from her position.  However, she could not be fired as of that moment. She had to be offered a job elsewhere in the department.  She was sent to a satellite office and there she did ONE set of vital signs on a patient and then complained that she hurt her back.  I kid you not.

So for weeks, she was milking the disability ilk and getting paid to sit at home.  This is a person who sucks the life out of everyone around her.  I think she is now gone for good and no longer can work for my hospital.  Although I need to confirm that!

All right.  Today we have a gorgeous color that is not for everyone.

Here is the silly bottle shot.

This is Konad stamping polish in Yellow and Enchanted Polish in Football Season.

Here is the gorgeous polish.

It's not a very strong linear holo, but to me, this is my kind of color! Kind of baby poop brown yellow. Like I said, it's not for everyone.

I next stamped using MoYou Mother Nature 01 plate and came up with this.

I think these two colors go great together! Yes I still need to work on my posing.  I just can't make it look good and can't figure out why!!!

Anywho, until next time people. Any thoughts out there?