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Friday, January 18, 2019

Liquid Sky Lacquer Pure Luxury

Did I tell you what I got myself for Christmas? I bought it during the Sephora Fall 20% off VIB sale. It's the Foreo (pronounced 4, 0h) UFO device.  I also got all the masks that go with it.  Let me just say that I love this thing and need to use it more often.  It's like I'm saving it for some reason.

This device is touted as a sheet mask done in ninety seconds.  It has red light, green light and blue light as well as heat, cooling and Tsonic pulsations.  So depending on which mask you choose, the combo of heat/light etc is programmed.

For example, yesterday I did the night mask.  This one used the red light, heat and Tsonic pulses.  I usually repeat the mask twice as there is so much serum left in the package I hate to waste it. The one for oil control is called the Matte Maniac.  This one does red light, blue light and cooling with the pulses.  I have no idea if the different lights actually do anything, but in my mind it does!

I just love this thing! If you're looking into this, do not get the mini.  Splurge for the full one as the mini does not have the blue light or the cooling feature.  If you're acne prone, you want this feature.

My skin care routine has been quite simple as of late.  I did try some different brands and different items, but my skin kept reacting and I was getting raised red bumps on my left cheek.  It's not acne, it's just reaction.  So right now, I am using Dr Sam's Flawless Cleanser and her Flawless Moisturizer with Differin Gel in between.  It's calmed the bumps and my skin has remained clear.

Currently I am talking to Directv for the bazillionth time.  I hate more than anything talking to f*cking computers.  I get what they call loyalty discounts that are good usually for six months and then all of a sudden your bill is $63 more and you have to call back in and get passed around to different people until you get to someone who maybe can help and then they say sorry there are no discounts so I then have to threaten to switch to DISH and all of a sudden discounts are there.  It's a pain in my butt and I hate having to go through this.  Why can't my bill just stay the same? I haven't changed anything??????

So dude says there are no discounts available, but he can lower my bill by adding more channels to my listing.  WTF? How are you going to lower my bill by adding more channels that I don't want or need  when I just want my discounts back? I threaten to leave and demand to talk to a supervisor and he says I can transfer you to our Loyalty Department.  Yes this is what I want, I shouldn't have to call and go through this crap multiple times since I've been using your service since 1998.  Am now on hold for that department.

I talk to that loyalty department and they can't help me so I get transferred to another loyalty department and the fifth person I've talked to now in the past 23 minutes of being on this call as well as trying the online chat.

It's now been a 38 minute call and all I got was a $63 credit for this month's bill as apparently, there are no loyalty discounts right now.  So I'm told to CALL BACK  as they pop up all the time.  I am so pissed off right now, you've no idea.  This whole game is a load of crap and I hate it.

So while I calm down, let's take a look at today's polish.

This is a gorgeous super holo in gold.  This was the original bottle from when LSL first started making polish.  I've no idea if they are even still around or making polish.  Does anyone know?

How do you keep your loyalty discounts with ATT/DirecTV? I'd love to know.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?