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Monday, January 14, 2019

A England Perceval

Back in November, I started looking for a new petsitter.  I could not find anyone willing to come to where I live nor was there anyone local.  I told you that was why I didn't get home for Christmas this year.  I found someone who told me that of course she would do it if I couldn't find anyone for my February Myrtle Beach trip.  She quoted me $17 per visit. I think I told you in a previous post about this that she was thirty minutes away.

Fast forward to now.  I messaged her telling her that I hadn't been able to find anyone else and was she still able to sit for me in February. She didn't get back to me until hours later. Her reply was basically, 'if I have to, I will, but I will need to charge more for traveling the distance.'

WTF huh?!?

I replied (I had saved the texts), you already quoted me $17 per.  Her reply was pretty sh*tty basically saying if she had to travel an hour roundtrip for a thirty minute visit twice a day, she would charge more.  Oh and she said she would help me find someone else but in a way that made it sound like a chore.  Now I get this people, but she already knew this math for the travel distance back in November when she told me $17.  At this point in time and her attitude, I didn't want her services anyway.  I texted back, no thank you, I will find someone else.  She wrote back you don't want me to help you find someone else? I didn't reply back, just deleted her from my phone.

I went back on Rover (it's a petsitting app and awesome), not expecting to find anyone, but came back with four people in my area available and wanting to sit for me! They all have been sitting for a while, just weren't on this app until now. I am interviewing three of them this week, but will keep all of their contact information as you never know right?

Three of them are local, literally six miles away if that.  I'm elated over this.  As I was of course worried about February Myrtle Beach, but you all know my Canadian fishing trip in September is my yearly retreat.  I told the three people that I am looking for someone long term, as I will always have pets and want to go on vacation.  So yay that's a load off my back.  You have no idea.

Let's see what else. 

Oh yeah, I got my a** chewed out by a patient recently.  This is something that happens and I try not to let it bother me, but this one went above and beyond.  I've been dealing with this person since May and they have not done the right thing since day one. So I was being accused of keeping them from their treatment, from talking to the doctor and why was I even involved in their care? It was bad. 

I have documented to the gills all the issues I've had with this person since May 2018 and it's a vast amount.  They actually ended up hanging up on me after I after I asked them to stop yelling at me. I called and left a voicemail for my boss, just in case they call to complain about me. This person tried calling right back and I refused to answer and let it go right to my voicemail.

I got an email later that day from them asking if they could see the doctor as I had offered in my original email, although they had denied that I offered, it was right there in writing. 

If they show for this appointment, I'll be shocked as every other one has been no showed. But if they do come, I will not go in the exam room and talk to them.  I promise you that. 

It got to me.  It upset me.  It's never fun to be yelled at and accused of things. 

All right.  Let's get to today's mani.

Seems I was too lazy for the silly bottle shot.  So here is A England Perceval, a stunning red shimmer.

I didn't do any nail art as this is too pretty, I was too lazy and I'm still waiting on my polish from Mexico!  Isn't this a gorgeous red though? So, so pretty.

Until next time people. Any thoughts out there?