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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Yet another two eye looks

Yes people, I have been doing eye looks and enjoying the hell out of it.  When this posts, I will be on vacation.  I will actually be driving back to Yankee land north of the Mason Dixon line where I belong.

My baby Checkers officially turned thirteen this week.  I still remember the day I picked her out at the animal shelter.  She literally fit in the palm of my hand and was roughly seven weeks old and weighed two pounds. She threw up on me on the car ride home.  It turned out that she had caught a bad respiratory infection at the shelter and she was so sick. I had to take her to the vet nearly every day.  She hated the car.  Used to cling to my shoulder, the same way you burp a baby.

I would boil water so she could breathe the steam and I fed her with a syringe.  At the time, I was sick myself so I was home instead of at work.  For the first two weeks I had her, her feet never touched the ground.  I carried her with me everywhere.  The vet told me later that she believed that Checkers wasn't going to survive that cold.  I made sure she did.

She's been my baby and my reason for living ever since.

She still loves nothing more than to be picked up.  The second I get home from work she's in the window looking for me.  Once I'm inside, she whines and whines until I pick her up.  Then she purrs and purrs and rubs her face on mine.  You would never know that she is thirteen.  She runs and plays like she's still a kitten.  I keep telling her she's a senior kitty, but she won't hear of it.

There is just nothing like the love of a pet.

Yup.  She's my baby.

Anywho, I'm running late for hair dye day.  Gonna try again to get Jaclyn Hill red.  So here are the eye looks for this post.

This first one was literally done with bright bright orange shadow on top of brown.  I was wearing an orangey skirt and wanted eyes to match.  I took a butt load of pictures and this was the best I got.

This next one was just a simple brown look as I wasn't in the mood for anything fancy.

I am still learning how to place the false lashes in the correct place.  I don't quite think I've gotten the hang of it yet.  I get glue everywhere and can't get it in the right spot and it's still a huge messy challenge for me.

I won't give up though!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?