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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Enchanted Polish Disco H2O

I'm sure you've all been like WTF Fingers? You haven't posted in a week! I need my Fingers fix. How can you deprive us like this?

Let me just say that after I got back from vacation, an incident happened at work that I will get to in another post plus I had a visit from my Aunt Flo.  HEHEHE.  For those who watch South Park religiously like I do, you will get the meaning of that.

For those that haven't a clue, it's that time of the month people.  Every third month or so, it hits me and it hits me hard.  I had a bad migraine, was tired as hell, didn't do a damn thing and literally had naked nails for the whole week.

GASP! Yup, a whole week.  I had actually put on a layer or two from the ZOYA Naked Manicure set but the tips had chipped off and I actually went a week with chipped and naked nails.  So not cool for a polish addict to do, but sh*t happens. If you want a post about that Naked Manicure set, let me know.  I can do that for you.

I have seven posts ready to go-I just have to write them up.  I will be writing up six of them today, which will give you guys twelve days of stuff to read.

Was at my doctor's conference this past Friday and we started talking about Frank Zappa and I remembered how much I used to love his song"Catholic Girls" and "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow." So I just had to download them and I have "Catholic Girls" on repeat.  Man I love that song!

It's finally Fall here and I have my windows open and it's not a billion degrees outside.  I love this time of year.  I have not bought any new nail polish except for Enchanted Polish.  You all know how I've got to have me my EPs!

When I was home for vacation, I went to the bead store as I always do when I'm there.  Imagine my happy dance when they told me they were having a half off sale! So instead of the three or so I was going to buy to finish off the one bracelet I've been working on for two years or so, I bought ten and a new bracelet to start! What I've done is split the beads into two bracelets.  Thirteen beads on each one.

Here are pictures of them.

You can see I sort of put the neutrals and browns on one and the pastels etc on the other.  These are all Fenton Art Glass beads except the blue bead with the hearts on the second bracelet.  That's an actual Pandora one.  I prefer the pretty glass from Fenton.

If anyone wants to know what one of the beads are called or whatever, let me know.  I left you a link to their online store.  So I took off my woven hippie bracelets and just have these two on.  A more mature look perhaps? The only bummer is they get in the way when I'm typing at work.

All right.  Let's look at the gorgeous new Enchanted Polish Disco H2O.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Yes my nails are not pretty.  They are still growing out from the NexGen stuff.  I have about a third of my nails left to grow out.  But as you all know, my natural nails are nubs anyway.  So there it is.

However, this is a gorgeous holo.  Leans a bit more green IRL.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?