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Sunday, September 20, 2015

I've got Pink eye looks

HEHEHE.  Had a little giggle with myself over that title.  No I don't have pinkeye, which is not a fun thing to have. I have two eye looks to show you that actually use pink in both looks.  Go figure.  I did these for work and before I left on vacation.  I just never had time to post them until now.

Now I promised you last post a rant.  Are you ready? Cause I'm pissed.  You don't want me to be pissed.  It ain't pretty.

Remember the high end makeup blog sale I posted a while ago? Well, there was little interest.  One of the YouTube channels I watch also raves about the website Glambot.  They sell used high end makeup and buy certain brands from people like me.  HOWEVER, they have to be one of their preferred brands and you have to have at least 20 items to sell at one time.

They do pay for you to ship them out to them to inspect.  Of course, it goes the cheapest slowest route, but hey they do pay for it.  Then they email you a quote that you either accept or not.  If you don't accept, you must pay to get your sh*t back.  If you don't do anything, after two weeks, they keep your stuff and sell it anyway.

I think most of you saw the huge amount of high end stuff I was trying to sell.  Dior, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox etc.  I did what they said.  I packed and shipped them 26 items.  More than was needed, but I wanted this stuff gone and needed the money.  I then went on vacation and didn't get their offer until mom and I had crossed back into the USA from Canada.

Their offer? For 26 high end products that I paid a butt load for?


Shall I repeat that?

$106 for 26 high end items that they will clean up and sell for $20-$40 USD making them about $500.  Do the math people.  This is $4 an item to me.  Of course though, if I got their store credit I could have $138.

Do I look stupid to you?

I was pissed.  Told my mom and she was pissed.  Thing is though what was I going to do? Pay to have the crap sent back and sit in my desk like it's been doing? I actually sent them a nasty reply stating that I didn't think their offer was fair.  That $4 an item that they will sell for $40 was unfair and I counter offered $175.  Still less than I thought fair, but what can you do.

Their reply? "We don't take counter offers."

So yeah, I caved and took the little money they offered.  I did send another nasty email telling them I would NEVER do business with them again and would tell all of you not to either.

A few days later I went on their website (still at Mom's) and saw my stuff on there for sale at exactly the prices I figured they would sell them for.

I got screwed big time.

Please people-listen to me and do not do business with Glambot unless you want to give your sh*t away for little to no money.

Now here are the two eye looks I did before my vacation.  I am still having such a hard time getting the lashes in the right place.  I did order some new styles to try from Amazon.com and will let you know when I get them!

I will soon be ordering the ring light to make for better pictures.  These are taken with my iphone with a macro lens added.  You can see in the second picture that the lash band is not on my lash line. These are actually demi lashes and I still need tons of practice!

I used Morphe eyeshadow palette 35B, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Auburn (though the flash cancels it out) and Mac eyeliner is Petrol Blue.  The lashes are Ardell and I hope you are liking these posts!

Once I get the lighting, I hope to do short tutorials and definitely have better photos for you!'

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?