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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Two more eye looks

As I write this, there are three days left before I'm on vacation.  I will be gone for at at least ten days and I won't be posting while I'm gone.  I'm not even going to worry about my social media either.  In the past, I have taken my computer, camera, polish etc with me just so you guys won't miss a day of my posts.

I'm past worrying about that right now.

There are more important things in life than my silly blog.  Spending time with family I don't get to see very much is what's important.  Plus, I'm going to fish my face off and my nails always take a beating from all the water, fish fins, hooks etc.  So yeah, I should have about three posts set up to go here and then there will be a big gap.  Just giving you a heads up.

So remember how I told you that I had the worst week last week? The coworker came back from vacation and I asked her if we did ok covering her work.  Her reply?  Wasn't thank you so much I really appreciate it, nope.  It was 'well I usually do this and you guys did this and I was missing a bunch of stuff.'

Really???? Wow.

I knew that we weren't going to do it right as we've never covered for her before.  If it were me? I wouldn't have mentioned anything wrong even if there was.  I would have just said thank you so much and gone on  with my day.  That was really some bullsh*t right there.

Plus, because she and her doctor complained so much about the title change and making her get off her a** and work a clinic or two, she got a new person to help her out.  I made a comment to someone that that will just give her carte blanche to once again sit on her a** and do nothing.  Her second day back from vacation? She sat on her a** and others did her clinics.

I am so over it.

Now today, I have two more eye looks for you.  These I did on a Saturday when I had the time to do it slow and right.  I promise you that when I get back from vacation, I will be ordering a ring light from Amazon so I can take better pictures with my camera and not be reliant on my iphone.

My camera will also show these colors more accurate once I get better lighting.  This one I used greens, teals and blues.  I wanted a pop of green in the center of my lid, but the pigment on this Morphe palette just isn't all that.  I will be buying some Makeup Geek ones after vacation as well.

I used the row of green third row up from the bottom and the teal next to the bright lime green one for this look.  It came out really cool, just wish it were color accurate!

This one is oranges and blues.  I used eyeshadow for the water line to match the corner of my eye. Same palette as above, used the oranges in the second/third row from the top.

Here is the mess I made once I had finished.

HAHAHHAH!  It takes time to be beautiful! Took me about an hour for each look.  Definitely not something I can do before work!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?