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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Chaos and Crocodiles Black Ops, Barielle Silk Stockings

Last week at work was in the top five worst weeks of all time.  I am not kidding.  First I've told you that they have piled on a ton more work to my already bad load and this past week, the one person who does breast cancer was on vacation.

I know nothing about breast cancer.  What people don't get is that each individual cancer is different. It's tested different, it's treated different and it acts different.  What I know about the breast is that I have a pair.  That's literally all I know.

The same goes for my coworker.  She and I are clueless and this is the very first time since I started working there six years ago, that I have had to cover her workload. I wish I were exaggerating but I'm not at all.  She and I did the best we could and by the end of the week, I was exhausted and she was crying. On Friday, we decided we would pay our coworker to never take a vacation again!

Here is a literal picture of my workload this past Thursday.

Now this is ON TOP OF my normal work that needed to get done.  I texted this picture to one of the doctors I work with and he told me not to start any fires!  Yeah the thought had crossed my mind.

That day was awful big time.  I just kept telling myself  'one more week and you're on vacation'.

Oh I'm going to tell the world what my mom hasn't even told anyone but me yet.  I convinced her to get a cool haircut and dye her hair for the first time since the 80s! Now my mom is 70 and she spends so much time outdoors that her hair is sun bleached blond. She had decided she wanted to go a pretty medium brown.

Apparently, the first time her hair turned bright red.  Which of course, I would love as this is my hair color at the moment.

I was trying to get the same color as Jaclyn Hill.  It's very close but not quite.  It needs a bit more violet in it.  In a couple of days, my hairdresser and I will try again.

Anywho, back to my mom.  They had to re dye a second time and this time, it came out a pretty brown.  She sent me her first selfie and it doesn't even look like mom anymore.  It's kind of freaky, but I like it!  She'd kill me big time if I posted it here, so I won't do that to her.

I kept telling her my mantra, which is, it's just hair it grows back and can be re dyed and fixed!  We shall see if she keeps it up.  So now she has her gel funky french nails and her hair dyed.  I think I'm having a bad influence on her! At least her wallet!  HAHAHH!

Now, I have two swatches for you today.  The first is another from the Barielle Mirror Mirror Fall/Winter 2015 collection.  This one is called Silk Stockings.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
Now you all know how I love me some brown! This formula however was not like the other two I've shown you so far.  This one was not a one coater, this was thin and a beeyotch to play with.  Makes me sad as I wish all the formulas matched. I don't understand why they aren't.

The next one is from the Special Agent set by Chaos and Crocodiles called Black Ops.  A stunningly gorgeous hard core black holo.  My favorite kind!

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
How awesome is this????? I am in love big time!

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?