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Monday, December 30, 2013

Pure Luxury

It's technically Christmas day as I'm writing this.  I hope you all had a good holiday. Santa got me three more beads for my Pandora-like bracelet. Let's just say, my mom rocked it!  I swear I'm going to take a picture one of these days when I remember to so I can show you!

Since I'm always off on Wednesdays, today really doesn't feel like anything other than a regular Wednesday off.  With the exception of having A Christmas Story movie on in the background. The TV channel TBS does 24 hours straight of that movie and it's always my family's thing to have it on all day during Christmas. I didn't get to see the other movie we always watch on the Eve, which is A Christmas Carol with George C Scott.  It HAS to be that version.  There are many versions, but for my family that's the one.  When I tried to see if any channel was showing it, all I found with the 50s version with Alastair Sims.  Not happening.  It's an alright version, just not the one I wanted.  I think I gave my copy of that movie to my brother.  I need to buy me one to watch!

Then the tradition is to go to my relative's house an hour away in the city. There is always shrimp cocktail and the contest as to who can tolerate the screaming hot horseradish cocktail sauce.  My aunt actually grows the horseradish so it's freakin hot.  After a while, you start to sweat and tears run down your face.  It's a good time.  There's always the wimpy bowl for those who do not want to burn their face off. Of course, the Ralphie movie is on in the background.  Then there is a big repeat of Thanksgiving dinner and then we open presents.  Growing up, I was the one who made the whiskey sours for the adults to drink.  Yup, I was the mixer.  It was an important job.

It's so sad that I am missing all that this year.  Hopefully next year.

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Pure Luxury, Spice Cake, And Syrup and Cloudy Day Latte.

I started with a full mani of Luxury.


Wow grab the sunglasses for this beauty!  This is a light gold linear holo and gorgeous!  Next I did a gradient with the other three polish.  Here is that messy step.

You can see the gradient effect really well here.  Next I stamped using MoYou plate Christmas 1.


Indoor Sun

Low Light


Indoor Sun

Low Light

Close Up

How awesome is this?  A 24karat snowman!  It's harder to see the gradient with all the bling of the holo, but it's meant to be subtle.

Here is the plate I used.

You can see the snowman to the left of the house.

So what are your holiday traditions?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?