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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas #2

I have hit a milestone on my blog.  Yup after 2.5 years of blogging I have officially had over 200,000 hits. I remember when I first hit 100,000.  I was all sorts of excited and now this?  Over the moon happy.

I know I'm no blogazon who gets a million hits a month, but in my little corner of the world, I have my loyal peeps and you guys are the reason why I keep on doing this!  So thank you to you out there in internet space!

I told you that my boss is no longer my boss.  The interim boss has already started changing the rules.  I'm worried she will be a do-er unlike my last boss.  So far, she hasn't messed with me.  They continue to add random people to my cubicle farm in the basement.  The latest they didn't even tell her until it was time to move.  Now this person had her own office she shared with one other person.  All of a sudden, she's told pack up your sh*t, you're moving.  Really????  Is this how it's going to be now?  The person they had expected to go in that spot refused to go. It made no sense for her to be so far away from the actual job she was supposed to do.  So now this poor random chick, who has nothing to do with my office, is now forced from her nice office to a desk in a cramped twelve bay cubicle farm.  Plus, it's getting noisy in there the more people they add.

It's a freakin nightmare.

Oh and since this is actually posting on Christmas Day?  Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Sadly, I can't go home this year, but will be joining my parents at my brother's house the weekend after to celebrate a holiday of sorts.  But the actual day, I will be home alone.  SIGH.

Onto the mani at hand!  Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Liquid Sky Lacquer Ever Green, White Christmas and Sleigh Me.

I started with Green and Sleigh.  Here are the starting shots.


Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun
I just love these Liquid Sky holos!!!!  Next I sponged on some White Christmas on the tips, but it doesn't really show.  I then stamped with white and plate MoYou Christmas 1.  I added dots for interest.  Here are the results.


Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun

Close Up

It's too bad the White didn't show well here, but I am loving this design!  I think it's very cool.

Here is the plate I used.

Look to the right of the door and you will see the section I used.  I have got to get more of these plates!!!!

Merry Christmas to all you who are reading this!!!  I hope you have a great holiday!

Personally, I'm just waiting for next year to get here.  I'm hoping it's a better one for me.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?