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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Mani #1

Yeah, not a very creative title, but I'm not in a very creative mood right now.

I hope I didn't offend anyone with my love of Amazon a couple of posts ago.  I got some very concerned comments.  I love that people feel they can have their opinion, but I'm entitled to mine too right?  All companies have bad things going on in them. If we really are honest here.  I will still love Amazon and you guys can continue to not love Amazon.  It's all good!

I do have a funny for you and it involves something I ordered from there.  I decided I was too lazy to make my own light box.  I hate that I can only show holos when the sun is shining.  It makes for constricting choices when it's cloudy.  So I ordered a light box with four different background colors.  Was all sorts of excited to get it. Then I got it.

Does anyone remember those kid toys that you had to twist to get it folded up and put away?  Hell if I can remember what it's called, but this light box was like that. The frame is metal and it came in a frisbee size case.  I open it up and somehow got the thing unfolded and it was HUGE!!!  I'm talking I could crawl in there and live huge. I apparently have no size perception at all.  It's listed as 24 inches and I thought that would be perfect.  WRONG!  There was no way this was gonna work with my ott lite.  Plus the frame was bent and it wasn't a perfect box shape.

I called Amazon, mind you it was 0630 AM and I'm awake, the person answering is not.  I tell her my predicament, which is, the item is defective, but my bigger problem was the fact that I could not figure out how to get the damn thing to fold down into that frisbee size that it came in.  I struggled and struggled.  She offered me a replacement, but I just wanted my  money back.  She was very nice and told me she'd give me a refund without my returning the item.  But just this one time.  Now I'm not always the most honest person when it comes to these things, but I didn't want Amazon to think I was trying to pull a scam.  Why I care, no idea, or maybe because I order from there all the time, I didn't want to tarnish my good rep.

I told her I would continue to try to wrestle the thing into submission.  There should be instructions with the damn thing!  I eventually got it down to a 24 inch square, but no way was I able to get it back to frisbee size and shape.  Had to find a bigger box, but I will be returning said item to Amazon.  I will also not be lazy and at some point, make my own light box.

Isn't that a funny story?  I think so!

Now I'm going to brag a bit and tell you these next two manis are AMAZING in my own eyes.  Kind of hoping you guys agree with me.

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is very old school China Glaze Emerald Sparkle and Ruby Pumps.  I keep these solely for Christmas manis.

I started with alternating colors.  Here are the starting shots.  Note, the sun was not out and these colors would be so much more gorgeous in the sun!

Man how I love these two colors!!!

Next I stamped using MoYou Christmas 1 plate.  Then I added some dots for detail. I am very very proud of these and hope you like them!  Here are the results!

Close Up

I did some seriously amazing stamping here!  I also love the tiny dots I added.  I think it really makes these very special!

Here is the plate I used.

If you look at the door on the house and to the left of it, you will see the parts I used for this mani.

Do you love this as much as I do?????

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?