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Friday, October 4, 2013


Stop the presses!!!  It didn't take but three days for me to get my new iPhone5S!!! Oh happy day!  It has some things that Apple needs to tweak, but it's oh so cool and awesome.  What I did was take my 4S and delete the pictures and all the apps, since I don't have wireless where I live, it's useless to take up app space. I transferred 8GB of music to my 4S-so I still have 4GB left to add more and that now becomes my iPod.  I'd rather not have all my music on my new iPhone.  I've just always done it this way.  How can you use the phone, if it's streaming your music?  It just didn't seem to be practical for me.  Now what I plan to do with my 3S, is give it to my dad because he wants an iPod.  I figure, this works just as well and it's paid for.  All he'll have to do is get a pair of headphones.  Dad if you are reading this and I haven't told you yet-SURPRISE!

I couldn't figure out how to remove the pictures from my 3S, but none are Xrated, so it's all good to go for my dad to play with.  I'll leave my music on there for him to check out, and he can delete songs as he goes if he really doesn't like it.  I can load his CDs onto my laptop-which has a TERRABYTE of memory, so it's not like I don't have the room and upload his songs for him when he visits.  Most of his music I like so it's a win win.

Nothing too exciting to report otherwise except the day you read this will be the day before my office is moved to the basement.  This will be my third time moving my office since I started there in 2009.  Now I'm very OK with this move but for one reason.  My phone doesn't work in the basement. So that's not a good thing. Maybe in that office it will, but when I'm doing my clinic in the other portion of the basement, my phone doesn't get a signal at all.  The good thing is, I'll be far away from prying eyes and the rest of the staff.  That's appealing to me.  I'm there to work, not make friends or chit chat.  Other people just don't get that and don't have the same mentality.  I just hope the renovations that are being done are cool.  I just really need a bigger desk. Had one once, lost that to the phone room.

Enough babbling.  Here is your silly bottle shot for today.

This is Nails Inc Savoy Hill, Essie Alligator Purse and Enchanted Polish Autumn.  I was in a burnt orange mood can you tell?

I started with Autumn, which is a gold holo.  I was hoping for more brown, green duochromeyness, but it didn't happen.  I did capture the green flash once.  Here are the starting shots.


Indoor Sun
You can clearly see the difference in these two pictures.  Alas, I only caught this green this one time so enjoy it now.

I next added some tape.

Indoor Sun
Next I added both polish above.  Bummer is, they look the same on top of Autumn, where in real life, they are very different.

Indoor Sun
I removed the tape and did my clean up.

Lastly, I added a stud on the gold holo stripe.  Here are the results.


Indoor Sun


Indoor Sun


Ott Lite

Close Up

Now I am a huge fan of burnt orange so I am loving this mani!  Here's a question I'm pondering lately.

When I remove my studs, I save them and reuse them.  Do you do that?  I figure, why throw them out when they are still OK to use?  I almost saved glequins from my next post, but figured that was a little too much, you know?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?