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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Return of Classic Fingers

I've had the last two weeks from hell. It has not been pretty.  Seems cancer has exploded and it's overwhelming me.  I have had bad days, bad weeks, but two weeks in a row?  Unprecedented.  I left work each Friday balling my eyes out from the stress.  I even made a mistake, which I am wont to admit.  Nothing life threatening or anything like that, but my nature is high Type A, anal, mistakes are not allowed person. It's how I've always been.  I've been struggling to keep up the facade and keep up with the workload.  If this continues, I'm going to implode.  From my experience however, these things come and go in cycles.  It's been way too quiet for a while now, so this was bound to happen.

Because of this, I have not felt the inspiration to come up with fantabulous manis.  I wanted to just do a mani for me.  I needed to do this.  I'm tired of trying to compete if you will with the pretty, long nailed blogazons and I have decided to just do for me.  I can't do anything else right now.

In keeping with the mani for me, I of course, had to pick colors I love right?

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Essie Vested Interest and After School Boy Blazer with my all time favorite polish, Chanel Khaki Brun.  You know a mani for me had to have brown in it right?

I started with skittles.

The sun continues to remain elusive and I need holos bad!  I know you probably think these colors don't go together, but again this is a ME mani and I just picked colors that made me happy at the time.

Next I stamped using Bundle Monster plate BM 406.

Next I added a holo heart stud to my accent nail and finished it off with my funky. It had to have a funky right?

Close Up

Do you see the mistake in the close up shot?  I originally tried to stamp with Brun, but it wasn't right.  The beauty of using Seche as a top coat over your base, is that if you make a mistake, you can use non acetone remover and gently remove the mistake without messing up the underneath.  I do it all the time.  It's a cool trick, except here when I didn't get it all off!  You can't see this IRL though.

The funny thing about this Classic Fingers?  It went viral on Instagram.  This account who has literally 650,000 followers put me on her site and this mani was liked 20,000 times!  Have to say, that kind of told me something.

To stick to what I do best.  Stamping and Funkying.  Screw the people who don't like it.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?