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Monday, October 14, 2013

ReBel Part 2

The entries for the Rescue Beauty Lounge swatcher contest are all in.  RBL did have them on their website, but now I can't find them.  If you're on Instagram, you can see them using hashtag #IwanttoreviewRBL.  Now comes the wait.  There was no date given as to when the top ten will be chosen and the voting to begin.

I had the week from hell.  I'm talking hell here people.  By the time Friday came around, I was at my breaking point.  I came home grabbed my cat and cried.  It was a bad week.  Luckily, I don't have weeks like that very often.  It was one of those weeks where nothing I needed to get done got done, because I was taking care of more urgent things.  For example, I finished the stuff needed for my Friday 0800 clinic on Thursday afternoon at 4pm.  It was that hairy.

The move into my new office date has been set for this coming Friday.  I will not be holding my breath. Let me tell you what has transpired though.  Picture a small square room.  I thought there was going to be eight desks running the perimeter of the room.  Every time we ask who's going to be in that room with us, it's all "we haven't decided yet".  WTF is the big f-ing secret?  It pisses me off to no end.  OK back to picturing the small square room.  I was picturing nice wood desks, circling the room.  I pictured being able to pick out my new desk location.  NOPE.  It was picked for me.  I didn't have time to check it out until Friday since the hell week. I went in and almost fainted.

There are TWELVE cubicle desks in this freakin tiny ass room.  Not ringing the room, I'm talking ringing the room and sets of four in the middle of the room.  Twelve f-ing people shoved into this tiny room.  I exclaimed, "it's cramped in here" to which I was told, "get used to it." Still no one's talking about who the other four desks are for. My iPhone doesn't work in the basement, so that sucks.

The only positive?  The desk that was picked for me is awesome.  I am in the far back right corner, with extra space due to the location.  No one can see me and it's like my own tiny room.  SWEEEEEET.  My other concern is the noise level with twelve people on the phone, plus the heat generated by the computers and the people.  I have a bad feeling my little desk fan will be running a lot.  At least I can still stealthily look at my nail polish blogs since no one can see me!

I just hate change and this packed, cramped situation can't be good.

Now back to the task at hand.  This is my second mani I submitted for the RBL contest.

Here is your silly bottle shot.

This is Opaque Nude, Bruised and Recherche.  I haven't worn these colors in forever. I've kind of been going down memory lane doing this contest.

I started the same way as the last mani with skittles.


Ott Lite


Ott Lite

I'm glad the sun was out for this so you can see that Recherche is a gorgeous dusky purple.  Next instead of the dots, I did a gradient stamp using Bundle Monster plate BM404.  I then added holo studs.  Here are the results.



Close Up
You can see here the two different colors I used for the stamping.  It's not perfect, but from farther out, you can't see that.

This is entry number two.  Next post, I will show you entry number three.  That will be the last one I entered.
What do you think about my cubicle farm hell?

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?