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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Judgement day and a giveaway

This post is part 2 of my trials with Liquid Palisade. I tried to find a bigger brush to use, but all my lip glosses had wider stems that wouldn't fit in the Palisade tube. I was stuck with what it came with. I took the time to rim my nails on the outside. I've got a picture below of what it looks like dried on the hand. I then did my usual polish job, trying to be more careful than yesterday's trial. I waited 3 minutes and then peeled the product off with tweezers. My cuticle lines are crooked, my sides had some polish pulled off and now have jagged edges. I have some more clean up to do. My verdict on this product is not favorable for a general manicure. It takes time to put it on before you start your polishing and it pulls polish off after. I do think this would still be awesome for nail art and French manicures.

Not exactly pretty is it?

Since I bought two of these and am not really happy with it, I will give one away.  One lucky reader will get a free Liquid Palisade. To enter, you MUST be a follower. Yeah I know, that sucks but it's painless and an outright bribe to up my numbers. Then leave a comment on why you want this product and the person with the best reason will get it. I will leave this contest open until 11:59pm June 10th to give people a chance to enter. Please only one entry per person.  If there is a huge response to this contest, I will give away my second tube.  I will let you guys know who wins!

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  1. well i would like it, I'm very into nail art and stuff..
    and I've read about this before, but i cannot seem to find it..

    my email: de_vaagste_gonny@hotmail.com


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