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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Tribute To My Mom

My mom's favorite color is maroon. If you had asked her long ago for one word to describe me growing up it may have been wicked. So in honor of my mom, I chose Essie Wicked as my color for today. Essie Wicked is a deep merlot wine creme, almost a jelly. I am a big fan of Essie polishes, especially the dark colors. I own more than I care to admit! I wish the formula was a little thicker, because the darker the color, the harder it is to get a consistent color without streaks. But, alas dark colors take practice. My mom doesn't wear polish, get manicures, understand my love for nail polish or understand why I started this blog. But you know what? She's my mom and I wouldn't trade her for anything! This post is for you. I love you mom!!