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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I don't do Pink!

I am not a girl who wears pink polish. Nothing against my favorite blogs that do "Pink Wednesdays!" Once in a while, I do a French manicure with a sheer pink but funky colors are more my thing. Today, for my anti pink day, I chose Rescue Beauty Lounge 360. This color reminds me of dark turquoise. I just have to rave about the perfect formula that is Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes. Yes they are expensive, but oh so awesome. The polish is the perfect consistency, just flows onto the nail with smooth self leveling. The brush is a dream and puts the polish exactly where you want it. There is no comparison between this brand and all the others. It is my absolute favorite to work with. I confess I have a small fortune invested in their polish. I tell myself that when I buy them during the yearly half off sale, I'm saving money. Of course, like all addicts, some colors are too pretty to wait for!