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Monday, May 30, 2011

Why didn't I think of that?

I read way too many magazines.  I mean WAY too many.  But the other day, I was reading one and saw a new nail product that had never been thought of before.  It is called Liquid Palisade by Kiesque.  This product promises to "radically change the way you apply your nail polish".  I knew I just had to have it and try it so I immediately ordered some.  Yesterday, I tried it for the first time.  What it is is liquid rubber.  You apply it where you don't want polish.  On your cuticles, around the nail bed, or to make cool nail designs, or the perfect french manicure.  I have to say, that even after years of polishing my own nails, I am quite sloppy at it and always have to do major cleanup after.  I thought this product would fix all that.  It comes in a lipgloss like tube, with a very thin brush.  I have to say, I would prefer a bigger brush and may try to take one from an old lipgloss to try tomorrow.  Anyway, it will take time and practice to speed up the application for me, but the cool thing is, after it dries, you can move the product to wherever you want.  So if you put too much on your cuticle, after it dries, you just push it where you want it.  It comes out as a very liquid hot pink color.  After it dries, it's a darker pink.  In the spirit of true testing, I then polished with wild abandon. I didn't care if I had too much polish, or went way over the sides.  I had this fabulous product on right?  It says on the product insert to remove it before your polish totally dries.  But I thought, how do I use my hands with wet nails to remove this stuff? I waited 3 minutes with my Seche Vite, then decided to use a pair of tweezers to get the Palisade off.  It dries like a loose rubber band, very cool, very stretchy. When you grab one end it stretches and comes off in one piece.  So freakin' cool.  Now because I was not careful with my application, I did have residual hangover polish that I had to remove.  Am thinking I may have waited too long and the polish got too dry.  What I do know is, I had less to clean up than normal for me.  Am not sure if this is the product of the future-I need to experiment more and try a bigger brush.  I do know that this would be awesome for the perfect white smile line on a french manicure, or for those who do funky nail art.  Why didn't I think of this idea sooner?