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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A holo virgin no longer

I admit it. I've never tried a holographic polish before. I live a sheltered creme, sometimes shimmer, polish existence. I know I told you that brown is my favorite color. But green is a very close second.  I actually own more greens than any other color.  I decided I needed more, so I got 5 new bottles of green polish from Nubar. Another virgin first for me. I have never tried Nubar polish before. Think I was getting NFu-Oh and Nubar confused as the same company. Man I got to get out more! Anyway, I'm in love. The world needs more holo polishes. I'm wearing Nubar Reclaim. The base of this color is a kelly green. In the holo, you see blues, yellows, golds, rainbows. It's incredible to look at, different from every angle. Put it in the sun, and watch out, you'll lose time staring at your nails! The Nubar polish formula is nice. Could have gotten away with just one coat. The brush is nice and wide, stiff enough to lay down a nice smooth surface. I'm excited to try the other 4. If you've been sheltered like me, or stuck in a creme rut, live a little.  Try a holo today-but be prepared to lose track of time in the rainbows.


  1. Pretty! I only have one linear holo and it's not as pronounced as that.

  2. I love this polish. Why the heck don't I have it??

  3. this holo looks amazing :) i'm getting it in swap.. I can hardly wait to wear this beautiful thing!!! :-P

  4. Yes I wish the world had more holos! Did you start my blog at the beginning? And yes it is even more amazing in person!


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