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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Enchanted Polish February 2017

For those of you who are old 80s goth kids like I am will die when you hear this! Jesus and Mary Chain have a new CD out!!! And you bet I just bought it! They haven't done anything since the song Sidewalking from 1989. Which by the way is still an awesome song and yes it is on my itunes driving list.

Haven't been on itunes in a while and the new James Blunt album is out as well.  His sh*t always makes me cry. But I love his music so bought that too.  There are way too many bands on there that I've never even heard of before.  I guess I'm just not as hip to today's music as I thought I was.

It was 80F here yesterday.  Hottest day yet this year.  Was too hot for this time in Spring.  I told myself I was going to go work outside on the projects I have half started, but just couldn't bring myself to do them.  Instead I cleaned out my refrigerator and washed the shelves.  It was badly needed.

However, it did give me flashbacks to my youth.  You see growing up, my mom made us do many what I thought were stupid chores.  Some I still wonder why.  She wrote out note cards with all the chores listed and what days of the week they were to be done.  Me and my two brothers each had one with different chores on them.

One of mine was to clean the refrigerator.  So yeah, as I was cleaning my own for the first time in my adult life mind you, I was thrown back to the time it was on my chore to do list.  I think I wanted to wash mine as I bought it with my own money and all fridges before, weren't mine so I didn't care as much.

I have to say though, it looks good.  And it's nice when I open the door to see nice white shelves and glass clean.

I'm also getting these weird tiny beetles in my house.  I know I live in the woods and have made peace with the huge spiders and ants and what not, but these freak me out.  When I first saw them, I thought OMG my cats have fleas.  I went nuts and inspected the crap out of my babies.  They were clean.

Then I went googling and think they are carpet beetles as they fly.  So they aren't fleas as they don't jump and they aren't bedbugs so I think this is a new and fun bug for me to deal with.  I vacuumed the hell out of my house even though I had just done so days before and yesterday kept going through my house and killing the ones as I saw them.

I'm hoping this is just a phase and they will go away. If not, I may just go nuts!

Now here is the full show for February 2017.  The dupe for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  It's pretty but frosty and brushstrokey when not in the sun.

Indoor Sun

Indoor Sun
It is quite pretty in the sun though. A nice light pink shimmer holo.

Oh and if you are wondering about my font still being weird, apparently Blogger and Chrome have decided to make things difficult for fancy sh*t.  I may be moving my blog to a different host and do a few upgrades.  I am still looking into it.  But it will not stay this way with this font as I hate it.

Until next time people.  Any thoughts out there?